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Friday, March 31, 2017

Louisville, KY, March 28, 2017 – Fives Intralogistics Corp. unveils its Innovation Center — a site to develop and test state-of-the-art automated material handling equipment. This additional facility increases Fives’ ability to test a range of ground-breaking products designed to transform the intralogistics industry.  The GENI-Flex™, a sorter for non-compatible items, is Fives’ most recent innovation.
Couriers and distribution centers have seen dramatic increases in items that are too large, too heavy, or are of an awkward shape to be compatible with traditional automated sorting equipment. These items, also known as “non-compatibles,” include big screen televisions, automotive parts, buckets, tires, furniture, and other packages with dimensions and/or weights that prevent them from fitting on typical automated material handling systems. The processing of non-compatibles in sorting facilities also requires manual handling, which increases the cost of sorting and the potential for worker injury.
The GENI-Flex™ automates the handling of non-compatible products up to 150 lbs and 8 ft in length. The GENI-Flex™ has a small footprint and is available in uni- and bi-directional configurations. It quickly and safely sorts more than 95% of non-compatible items and results in up to 40% labor savings.
“Our Innovation Center, with the successful launch of GENI-Flex, establishes a new standard for the intralogistics industry.  With increases in the size of the products being shipped and increasing volumes of these larger products, the current automation systems must be expanded and enhanced to keep up,” said Ben Hinnen, CEO of Fives Intralogistics Corp. “Additional new-to-the-industry solutions are already planned at the Innovation Center this year.”
As a leader in high speed automated sorting solutions, Fives’ solutions are recognized as the gold standard in markets worldwide.
About Intralogistics
Fives designs and supplies world-class material handling and sorting solutions to automate internal logistics streams for postal and courier companies, distribution centers, and baggage handling systems. With more than 2,000 installations worldwide and more than 70 years of expertise, Fives is recognized as the leading provider of material handling solutions; many technologies and solutions are now industry standard.
About Fives
Fives is an industrial engineering Group with a heritage of over 200 years of engineering excellence and expertise. Fives designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrial groups in various sectors such as aluminum, steel, glass, automotive, logistics, aerospace, cement and energy, in both developing and developed countries. In all these sectors, Fives designs and manufactures equipment and innovative solutions, which better anticipate and meet the needs of its customers in terms of performance, quality, safety and respect for the environment. In 2015, Fives achieved a turnover of 1.7 billion Euros and employed about 8,300 people in over thirty countries.
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