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Monday, April 01, 2019

Blythewood, SC – March 20, 2019 - Engineered with our customers’ needs in mind, the High-5 sports a newly redesigned 43-inch frame (10-inches shorter), making it better suited for buildings with lower ceiling heights. Ideal for industrial facilities such as warehouses and manufacturing plants, it now includes an updated clamping mechanism which facilitates easier and quicker installation. Simply place the clamp over the beam and adjust the bolts.
“We’re always looking for ways to add value to our products. We think the more compact profile of the High-5 and the design of the beam clamp do just that” says Thomas Salisbury, COO of Patterson Fan Company.
The High-5 generates a breeze during the warmer months, producing a 6-8 degree cooling effect, and promotes de-stratification through the colder months, making it a great solution for saving energy on utilities. With a noise level that is barely audible, the High-5 creates an extremely comfortable and safe environment for work. The blue and silver finish is attractive where comfort is necessary and style is appreciated. Available accessories include 2 to 10-foot drop rods and purlin kits for easy suspension.
Additional features and benefits:
  • Industrial-Grade: motor and gearbox
  • Five Blades: contoured for maximum air movement
  • Safety System: multiple tiers of protection, perfect for the rough industrial environment
  • Modular Components: service can be easily performed on a mounted fan
  • Wingtips and Flaps: produce more CFM at a lower RPM and direct airflow downward
  • Custom Ground Helical-Cut Gears: quiet and durable operation
  • Double Lip Seals: prevent any potential oil leakage
  • Vented and Lubricated for Life: premium grade lubricant designed for gears operating under severe temperature and load conditions
  • 15-Year Limited Warranty: your choice of the installer still maintains the warranty
Visit or call 800-768-3985 for more info on the High-5.
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