Materials Handling Ergonomics: Minimize the Strain

Ergonomic features in materials handling equipment and software keep workers safe while giving productivity a lift.

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If you have 3-5 minutes, check out NIOSH's latest WRT Sector News Bulletin. It has three short stories for the professional serving the needs of the businesses in the wholesale and retail trade sector.

New EASE Brochure Promotes Worker Safety

The Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment (EASE) Council of MHI has produced a new brochure to help promote safer, healthier and more ergonomically correct workplaces.

Eric Gessler, Kansas State University
The Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. has awarded the $1,500 Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment Council Honor Scholarship to Eric Gessler at Kansas State University. Eric is a rising senior majoring in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. When Eric first went to college he was in the College of Agriculture. Since then he transferred to the College of Engineering where he has enjoyed operations research which models real world problems as mathematical models. After graduation, Eric would like to join the workforce in a supply chain management role.

Fully Diagnose the Problem Before you Prescribe the Cure
In today's fast paced industrial atmosphere where budgets are tight and time is a premium deciding how to solve manual material handling ergonomic problems is often done in haste. The attitude that a little improvement is better then no improvement, doing something now is better than waiting for the ideal equipment solution leads to less than desirable results. It may mitigate the ergonomic issue, but it does not fix the problem; it just lessons it impact. Comprehensive evaluation and research of all the issues will lead to complete, thorough solutions that really do "fix the problem" and are most often least expensive in the long run. Lots of pictures with examples of ergonomic problems half solved are supported by examples of things done right, whole solutions and positive results.
Until Automation Does It All...Do Something to Protect Workers
Manual material handling is common in companies which manufacture and assemble. Automation can help reduce process time, ensure consistency and quality, optimize the labor force and increase productivity, but until automation does it all companies need to protect their most valuable asset- their employees. This session briefly reviews the advantages and some disadvantages of automation and most importantly, presents positive ways to enhance the productivity, health and safety of your workers today with well engineered equipment solutions applied to improve the ergonomics in the workplace.
Match Making - Tasks, People and Tools
Understanding the demands placed on workers having to do manual material handling in today's industrial workplace means balancing the most productivity from every employee while understanding their physical limitation and keeping them injury free. The key to satisfy both the demand and the needs of the worker is providing them the right engineered intervention (tool). Appreciating there is often more than one solution, understanding what's available along with the pros & cons of each device permits management to make informed decisions and the best investments. This fast moving, highly illustrated session deals with ways to implement better manual handling devices throughout the process (materials, manufacturing, assembly and packaging) which can improve the ergonomics, reduce waste, minimize much of the stress on the employee, while increasing efficiency and productivity.
Event Start Date End Date Sponsor Location
Industrial Ergonomics Seminar 4/23/2019 4/24/2019 Humantech 1161 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI
Industrial Ergonomics Seminar 6/4/2019 6/5/2019 Humantech 1161 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI
National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo 8/20/2019 8/23/2019 Paris Las Vegas Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
NE Lean Conference 10/23/2019 10/24/2019 Connecticut Convention Center
Hartford, CT
​​HFES ​63rd International Annual Meeting 10/28/2019 11/1/2019 Sheraton Grand Seattle Hotel
Seattle, WA
EASE Ergo/Lean Training Program for Sales Personnel


Fully Diagnose the Problem Before you Prescribe the Cure

Presented by the EASE Council

McCormick Place, Chicago IL
Monday, April 8
2:15 to 3:00
Theater B


EASE Managing Executive

Ashley Skidmore



Jim Galante
Southworth International Group Inc.

Vice Chairman
David Butwid

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