Material Handling Education Foundation

The Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. is an independent charitable organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting the study of material handling, logistics, and supply chain; exposing students to the vast array of opportunities in the industry.

Established in 1976, the Foundation has provided funds through private and corporate donations to students, teachers, and their institutions. All programs and activities of the Foundation contribute to the development of future industry leaders, teachers and researchers.

During the academic year of 2012/2013, approximately $87,000 was awarded to 30 students. Since 1976, the Foundation has awarded over $2 million in scholarships and grants.

Scholarship Eligibility and Criteria

At the time of application, students must have completed at least two years of study. They must also be enrolled or provide proof of plans to enroll as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student. Students from two-year post-secondary schools are eligible if they have completed two years of study and have been accepted as a transfer student. All applicants must have maintained a “B” equivalent grade point average in post-secondary studies.

Eligible Programs of Study

  • Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering
  • Engineering Technology
  • Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration with an emphasis in production management, industrial distribution, supply chain and/or logistics

For more information, please contact Donna Varner at or 704-676-1190.

A quick look into the material handling industry - a vibrant, growing, and innovative field.

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