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Location: Gardanne, France
Sponsors: Ecole des Mines Saint-Etienne, Center of Microelectronics in Provence
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sponsors: Red Prairie and HK Systems
Location: Dortmund, Germany
Sponsors: Beumer Savoye and DHL
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Material Handling Teachers Institute
CICMHE sponsors a Teachers Institute on an every two year schedule for faculty members who teach material handling in two-and four-year schools of technology, as well as in schools of engineering at four-year universities. The Teachers Institute is held in the summer of odd-numbered years.
International Material Handling Research Colloquium
Since 1990, CICMHE has sponsored an International Research Colloquium in conjunction with the U.S. National Science Foundation and leading companies within the industry. Like the Teachers Institute, the Colloquium has been conducted on an every two year cycle, with the Colloquium being offered in the summer of even-numbered years.
National Student Design Competition
For the last several years, CICMHE, in conjunction with the Material Handling Institute, has sponsored a national team design competition for students interested in the design and analysis of material handling systems.
Material Handling Education Foundation
Scholarships in Material Handling The Material Handling Education Foundation offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a material handling related program at a pre-approved institution of higher education. Last year the Foundation offered 28 scholarships with a total value of $73,500. More information about the scholarships can be obtained by contacting Donna Varner.

MHI has a goal of supporting research and teaching in material handling, logistics, and supply chain as demonstrated through a long-standing commitment to the College Industry Council on Material Handling Education (CICMHE). One critical component of this goal is to develop and support faculty who conduct research on topics that are important to the future of the material handling, logistics, and supply chain industry. To meet this objective, MHI provides a three-part research grant program:

  • Type 1: Research Start-up Grants
  • Type 2: Research Spark Grants
  • Type 3: Research Partnership Grants

This program influences and supports the work of researchers at different stages in their careers. The intent is to assist in the development of world-class researchers who focus on material handling, logistics, and supply chain as they initiate and perform high-value, high-impact research that is aligned with the needs of the industry.

2019 Research Funding Call for Proposals

Proposals are being solicited for research projects that are focused on material handling, logistics, and supply chain and conducted by academic institutions. The deadline for submission is April 1, 2019. MHI expects to announce awards by June 30, 2019. The lead institution and principal investigator for each type of grant must be in the United States or Canada.

MHI-CICMHE Research Start-up Grants: Guidelines
MHI-CICMHE Research Spark Grants: Guidelines
MHI-CICMHE Research Partnership Grants: Guidelines

Summary of the Previously Awarded Grants

Spark Grants

2008Developing a Distribution Ergonomics Research CenterCarolyn Summerich and Steven Lavender, The Ohio State University
2008Developing and Adapting Lean Tools and Techniques to Build New Curriculum/Training Program in Warehousing and LogisticsYavoz Bozer, University of Michigan
2009State of the Distribution Workforce and What is Means to the Material Handling IndustryBryan Edwards, Oklahoma State University, and Kevin Gue, Auburn University
2010Design of Material Handling Systems for the Physical InternetRuss Meller, University of Arkansas, and Ben Montreuil, Laval University
2011Designing Sustainable Pallet Handling OperationsAndres Carrano, Mike Hewitt, and Brian Thorn, RIT
2013Ergonomic Cost Modeling for Standardized Material Handling in Small Regional Distribution CentersDean Jensen and Adam Piper, South Dakota School of Mines
2014Development of a Data Model and Associated Software Tools for Modeling Picking OperationsJeff Smith, Auburn University
2015Best Sustainable Practices in Pallet ManufacturingAndres Carrano, Auburn University
2015Analysis of Shared Mixing and Consolidation CentersKimberly Ellis, Virginia Tech, Bill Ferrell, Clemson University, Phil Kaminsky, UC Berkeley, Chase Rainwater, University of Arkansas
2017Effects of exoskeleton use on worker performance, health, and safety in manual material handling tasks: lab- and field-based assessmentsMaury Nussbaum, Divya Srinivasan, Sunwook Kim, Virginia Tech
2017Integrated Material Handling Systems in HospitalsSandra Tugce, Eksioglu Isik, Clemson University


2013Topic: Analytical Models to Provide Insights on the Design and Operation of Warehouse and Logistics SystemsJen Pazour, University of Central Florida
2013Design, Analysis, and Optimization of Relay Networks for Freight TransportationHector Vergara,
2014Topic: Modeling to Enhance Design and Planning the Material Handling Systems and Logistics Systems, with Emphasis on Efficiency and Risk Issues under Certainty.Edward Huang, George Mason University
2014Topics: Material Handling and Supply Chain Management for Aviation IndustryFarshid Azadian, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
2017Designing Fresh E-Commerce Supply ChainZhijie (Sasha) Dong, Texas State University
2017Educate the next generation of logistics engineers and supply chain managers through innovative research and effective teaching.Leily Farrokhvar, West Virginia University
2017Development of novel models, methodologies, and computational techniques to present a systematic, integrated framework that advances our knowledge on the management of dynamic, complex, and interdependent systems.Sung Hoon Chung, State University of New York at Binghamton

Partnership Grants

2013First International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) in QuebecBen Montreuil, Laval University
2014Second International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) in ParisEric Ballot, Professor at Mines ParisTech
2015Logistics Roadmap in LouisvilleKevin Gue, University of Louisville

Content Award

CICMHE developed the bi-annual Outstanding Material Handling Logistics Content Award to recognize outstanding material handling related content created in the two immediately preceding calendar years. The competition is open to any organization or individual that has created content deemed to make a strong contribution to the materials handling and logistics industry.

The word content includes white papers, articles, case studies, videos, interactive CDs, and any other form or media that presents material handling related information. A mix of academic and industry judges evaluate the contributions based on educational value, clarity of presentation, and contribution to the material handling industry.

2014 Award Winners

1st Place (Tie)
Ergonomics Assist Systems and Equipment (EASE) Council for “The Ergonomics and Lean Sales Training Program”
This training webinar provides an introduction to basic ergonomics and lean principles applied to industrial settings. The content explains the synergies between reducing manufacturing waste (a core Lean value) and ergonomics measures to minimize risk and improve productivity.

AVNET for “Supply Chain Velocity” e-magazine
This on-line resource presents useful information for a wide range of MHI members to understand relevant supply chain issues. The information is made vivid through crisp written content and supporting graphics to illustrate critical concepts. The content presented is valuable for any practitioner.

3rd Place
Overhead Alliance for “Overhead Alliance Lecture Material”
This collaborative effort provides an excellent overview of technologies used in lifting and moving material in a variety of applications. The content developed will be useful for a broad audience including academics, industry and students at various levels.

Honorable Mention
Digital Lumens for “12 Myths Surrounding Industrial LED Lighting”
Lighting can be seen as a problem of second order in a warehouse or important energy consumption factor only. But improving the work environment is also a good thing for safety, health and productivity. The innovation proposed solves all those issues.

2011 Award Winners

The 2011 competition applied to content created in the 2009 and 2010 calendar years.

1st Place
Fortna Inc.
Building a Business Case for Your Material Handling System Investment 2nd Place
Conventional vs. Robotic Palletizing 3rd Place (Tie)
RMT Robotics
Automated Case Picking 2009

DC Retrofit Meets Christopher & Banks' Growth Needs for Flexible Supply Chain

Accepting the award is Christina Kheir from Fortna Inc. Presenting the award are Ricki Ingalls, Jim Rumpf and past CICMHE Managing Executive Mike Ogle

2009 Award Winners

The 2009 competition applied to content created in the 2007 and 2008 calendar years.

1st Place
Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment Council (EASE),
The Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling 2nd Place
The Raymond Corporation
Hydrogen Fuel Cells Power the Future of Lift Trucks 3rd Place
Intelligrated, Inc.,
White Paper: Operational Efficiency
Honorable Mention
DC Velocity,
How Green are your Pallets

Accepting the award are Jim Galante (EASE Chair), and Mike Adel (EASE Vice Chair). Presenting the award are Don Eisenstein and past CICMHE Managing Executive Mike Ogle.

Research Award

CICMHE developed the bi-annual Outstanding Material Handling and Facility Logistics Research Paper Award to recognize outstanding material handling related research papers published in the two immediately preceding calendar years. Following the call for nominations at the beginning of each even numbered year (self nomination accepted), papers are evaluated by a team of judges and the first place award is announced and presented at MHI's annual meeting.

Please email with questions.

College-Industry Council on Material Handling Education (CICMHE) of MHI has developed a list of certificates and certifications that are currently offered by academic institutions as well as professional societies in the US in the field of material handling, logistics, and supply chain. The certificates and certifications are targeted for professionals who are interested in enhancing their technical skills and backgrounds in the fields of material handling, logistics, and supply chain, instead of attending a degree program as a full time graduate student. As the list contains programs available throughout the country, interested professional can select a program that will be most suitable based on their technical interests and geographical location. Each program in the list provides a link to their program, where people can find more details on the program such as costs, schedule, duration, and technical contents.

List of Certificates on MH, Logistics, and Supply Chain

Organizational Structure

CICMHE is organized into two working committees. A brief overview of each committee is provided below:

Events Committee
Plan and execute structured events to facilitate learning and research, promote knowledge transfer, provide exposure to and awareness of the field, address current industry needs and trends, and strengthen the bridge between industry and academia.

Projects Committee
Initiate and conduct projects to transform and modernize existing educational offerings, create and maintain new educational offerings, assess usage and effectiveness of offerings, identify, incubate, and foster research in material handling and related domains; and leverage connections between CICMHE and councils, product sections, and affiliated trade associations.

Communication and Technology Transfer

CICMHE continually monitors activities with the different MHI product sections and councils to facilitate technology transfer between the groups. This monitoring is primarily conducted by having CICMHE members attend the meetings of the product sections and councils. The activities of the product sections and councils often provide information to the CICMHE members on the latest advances in material handling equipment and technology as well as keep them abreast of the challenges and issues that a particular industry segment is facing. Additionally, issues or topics will arise where CICMHE can assist the product section on special projects. These projects might involve developing white papers on a particular topic, creating overviews and summaries that can be used to promote the activities of the product section, or developing tools to assist in designing or analyzing material handling technologies (e.g. economic justification software, an ergonomic toolbox, or a carousel throughput estimation package).

Materials Handling & Management Society Latam (MHMS Latam)

MHMS Latam, is a nonprofit organization established in 1996 with the support and acknowledgment of MHI, having as its main purpose to develop research and education programs devoted to Latin America logistics professionals. Our main areas of development are in logistics, logistic networks, supply chain, procurement, distribution, material handling, and digital logistics.

Our certification programs include:

  • Certified in Supply Chain Management
  • Certified in Outbound Logistic Management
  • Certified in Procurement Management
  • Certified in Sales and Operations Planning

Visit to learn more.


Michael Kay
NC State University

David Porter
Oregon State University

Past President
Andres Carrano, Ph.D.
Georgia Southern University

Liaison to the MHI Board of Governors
Bill Ferrell
Clemson University