The Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems Product Section strives to educate and promote the industry. One of the methods the industry utilizes to achieve this goal is through the collection of systems installation statistics and trends. The collection of this data is a prerequisite and a continuing condition of AGVS Product Section membership.

These statistical trends are compiled from information collected from current MHI AGVS Product Section Member Companies in good standing. Even though this data does not reflect the total market size, it does reflect the majority of new installations and indicates the breadth of the applications benefiting from the technology. It also indicates that a company does not have to be big to benefit! Small, simple systems can deliver just as much return as the larger more highly integrated systems, too.

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AGVS of MHI Presents: "No Brainer" AGV / AGC Applications
Don't fear the implementation of automation. Replacing forklifts or pallet jacks with automated guided vehicles or carts can be relatively painless and yield significant savings to your company. In this session, you will explore actual projects where AGV/C's have been installed replacing the more common ways of material handling and learn about both the particulars of the project and the results. This is a great opportunity for plant/operation managers and material handling specialists to see how an AGV/C system can easily be implemented within their own four walls.
AGVS of MHI Presents: Payback is a Dirty Word, But it Doesn't Have To Be. How to Accurately and Properly Justify AGV's and AGC's.
Replacing conventional forklifts and material handling equipment with Automated Guided Vehicles or carts can save your company in countless ways but only if you can get by the finance department! In this session, you will learn a few of the latest techniques for clearly showcasing all of the benefits of automation in addition to a simple ROI calculation. You'll also learn what not to do from comical examples. This session will be entertaining and informative for operations and finance types alike.
Interesting New AGV Applications: Where to Start
Sponsored by AGVS
Automated material movement with AGVs is growing rapidly. This seminar will present several case studies that illustrate how AGV Systems are used to solve the latest material handling challenges. The seminar will continue with a description of "where to start" for attendees considering an AGV system and seeking more information on how to move forward to determine project feasibility.
2014 Automation: See Latest & Greatest Modex & the Industry Has to Offer in 45 Minutes
Sponsored by Automation Alliance
Get up to speed on material handling technologies and leading edge applications in a single 1hr session. The Automation Alliance Group of MHI has collected new developments in automation. These will be presented in a company agnostic pressure free environment via video/pictorial case study briefs. Technologies ranging from complex to simple will be presented, detailing the application, operational benefits, and financial justifications for each.
Building the Business Case for Automation
Sponsored by Automation Alliance
Your business is on the upswing, but with customer demands for shorter cycle times, capacity constraints and workforce challenges are undermining productivity and throughput. This is the sweet spot for automated material handling, but how do you build the business case and justify the investment? In this session, sponsored by MHI’s Automation Alliance, you will learn how users are profiling the value proposition and securing C-level approval for moving ahead with the right level of automation for your operations.
End-Of-Line Automation Using Hybrid Automatic Guided Vehicles
Sponsored by Egemin Automation Inc.
In the past, end-of-line material handling was performed manually. Advances in technology have brought us into the complete, end-of-line automation era. Learn how to enhance operations, reduce headcount and improve your bottom line when properly using an integrated automatic guided vehicle, RFID and advanced Warehouse Management solution.
AGVS: Offering the Complete Solution
Sponsored by JBT Corp. (formerly FMC Technologies)
It's a brave new world out there for today's AGV systems. Sure, AGVs can still act as taxi systems shuttling materials between two points. But more often, today's AGVs are the central component in a complete integrated solution. Automated trailer loading/unloading, end-of-line automation including storage and retrieval, and AGV supported picking in distribution applications are just a few examples of how AGVs have grown from a support system to a complete automation solution. This seminar will review the "new" role of AGV sytems.
Solving the Piece Picking Challenge with Award Winning New Technology
Sponsored by Swisslog Logistics Inc.
Evolving market trends in the retail industry which are driving changes in order fulfillment will be reviewed. Impacts on the distribution center are significant and are causing both storage and picking efficiency issues due to reduced order quantities driven by SKU proliferation and shorter product life cycles. New technology that can provide a solution to both the storage and piece picking challenges will be presented along with a case study of an actual implementation.
Best Practices for Lean Material Handling Optimization
Sponsored by The Raymond Corporation
Optimizing material handling environments and meeting lean goals can take careful consideration. Evaluating company-specific requirements is important to ensure material handling goals are met while also achieving lean best practices. In addition, automation can be implemented to help facilitate cost-effective, efficient process.
Best Practices for Warehouse Optimization
Sponsored by The Raymond Corporation
In today's competitive material handling industry, it is important to acquire best-in-class equipment and reliable solutions. However, to stay competitive, it is increasingly important to ensure the applications of the equipment and solutions that are customized and supported to meet the changing needs of individual businesses. As a result, companies must consider a comprehensive review of their material handling operations and solutions to establish a pattern of continuous improvement for warehouse optimiztion.
ANSI/ITSDF B56.5-2012, Safety Standard for Driverless, Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles and Automated Functions of Manned Industrial Vehicles
This Standard defines the safety requirements relating to the elements of design, operation, and maintenance of powered, not mechanically restrained, unmanned automatic guided industrial vehicles and the system of which the vehicles are a part. It also applies to vehicles originally designed to operate exclusively in a manned mode but which are subsequently modified to operate in an unmanned, automatic mode, or in a semiautomatic, manual, or maintenance mode.

2016/2017 Scholarship Recipient
Ms. Catherine Ninah, University of Central Florida, BSIE

Catherine is a rising senior at the University of Central Florida pursuing a BSIE Degree. She enjoys conducting research in the supply chain, logistics and modeling. Catherine’s Dad is an Industrial Engineer so growing up, she and her Dad would play games to see how they could optimize specific situations such as making the cashing in grocery stores more efficient. She has accepted a summer internship at Dell Inc. in Round Rock, Texas in their Global Engineering and Operations Technology. She has been awarded a Humanitarian Award from Mayor Dyer, recognized as a Provost Scholar and she has made the President’s Honor Roll consistently in her career at the University of Central Florida. After graduation in May 2017, Catherine would like to gain work experience in the industry before going back to school to become a Professor.

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Chicago, IL

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