Common Misconceptions about AGVs

AGVs have quickly become leaders in the movement to Intralogistics 4.0. They are the ideal solution to supplement your human workforce and relocate employees to safer, more rewarding tasks. Unfortunately due to common misconceptions, many operators believe that AGVs aren’t a fit for their facility.


Autonomous Vehicles in the Warehouse

Driverless vehicles are coming, but they’re already having a major impact inside distribution centers and warehouses as the front line of the supply chain changes forever.


The Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems Product Section strives to educate and promote the industry. One of the methods the industry utilizes to achieve this goal is through the collection of systems installation statistics and trends. The collection of this data is a prerequisite and a continuing condition of AGVS Product Section membership.

These statistical trends are compiled from information collected from current MHI AGVS Product Section Member Companies in good standing. Even though this data does not reflect the total market size, it does reflect the majority of new installations and indicates the breadth of the applications benefiting from the technology. It also indicates that a company does not have to be big to benefit! Small, simple systems can deliver just as much return as the larger more highly integrated systems, too.

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Navigating the Mobile Automation Landscape
A proliferation of automated mobile vehicle types is occurring and transforming the industry. This session will define the similarities and differences to mobile automation terms like AGVs and AMRs, describe the best use-case practices, and provide the context for making sound ROI calculations in mobile automation.
Leasing AGV for the WIN - How to save Capital and gain ROI through innovative new financial structures
AGVs and AGCs can be an expensive upfront proposition. All too often significant investments of time and effort provide no ROI when the proposal reaches the Board – and hits a brick wall - for capital funding approval. No more! In this session learn how to cut through red tape and drive financial efficiency! We will present how leasing can be an efficient way implement AGV/AGC systems, how to strengthen your ROI calculations, what moving from CapEx to OpEx really means, case studies and how leasing can even provide operating ROI measured in months not years.
Evolution of AGVs - What's Available and What's to Come?
AGV systems have quickly become a disruptive force leading the way to Intralogistics 4.0. Industry estimates forecast double digit growth of AGVs through 2020. This educational seminar outlines both simple, AGV applications as well as the more challenging ones. Attendees of varying experience will gain a better understanding of where to begin and what is possible in the world of AGVs.
Breaking Barriers: A New Generation of AGVs
Once upon a time, AGVs were thought of as large, lumbering beasts that ate up huge chunks of floor space and feasted on operational budgets. Now, these behemoths are being conquered by smaller, more affordable vehicles that are doing jobs no one ever thought possible and bringing peace and prosperity to new realms in the manufacturing and distribution world. Learn how today's AGVs are evolving into a new breed of technology and changing the material handling landscape!
ANSI/ITSDF B56.5-2012, Safety Standard for Driverless, Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles and Automated Functions of Manned Industrial Vehicles
This Standard defines the safety requirements relating to the elements of design, operation, and maintenance of powered, not mechanically restrained, unmanned automatic guided industrial vehicles and the system of which the vehicles are a part. It also applies to vehicles originally designed to operate exclusively in a manned mode but which are subsequently modified to operate in an unmanned, automatic mode, or in a semiautomatic, manual, or maintenance mode.

Bailey Butler, North Carolina State University
The Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. has awarded the $2,000 Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems Honor Scholarship to Bailey Butler at North Carolina State University. Bailey is a rising senior majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. She is currently working as an engineering intern at the North Carolina Department of Public Safety focusing on energy efficiency projects and at LORD Corporation as a Global Trade Compliance Student Associate. After graduation she plans to become a licensed professional engineer and join the workforce. She would also like to complete a masters degree in business to round out her background so one day she can be in a leadership position.

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