MH24.1: Safety Standard for Horizontal Carousel Material Handling and Associated Equipment
This newest standard, approved January 15, 2005, for horizontal carousels, was developed by the Carousel and Vertical Lift Module (C/VLM) Working Group of the AS/RS Product Section following the ANSI Public Canvass method.
B30.13 - 2003: Storage/Retrieval (S/R) Machines and Associated Equipment
This AS/RS safety standard published in 2003 deals solely with the Crane and Aisle (C/A) technology for automatic storage and retrieval. This standard, also following the ANSI Public Canvass method, was developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
Vertical lift Module- Why they are shelving of the future? Say "yes" to automation and "no" to static
Many end users keep on choosing static storage solutions versus vertical storage solutions as they are concerned about how automation could adapt or transform their operations. Misconceptions/concerns surrounding flexibility, installation, cost and software integration will be addressed also with case studies to demonstrates how companies have successfully and efficiently integrated vertical automated storage solutions in their operations.
Navigating Change in the Organization to Accommodate an ASRS
Now that you've made the decision to implement an AS/RS at your organization, your job isn't over. You have to justify, influence and win over stakeholders for a successful AS/RS implementation. This presentation will help you understand how to justify the project to finance, gain support of warehouse labor and sell senior management to ensure success.
ASRS-F/A of MHI Presents: 21st Century Latest Advancements and Total Cost / Cost Benefit of Ownership
The only thing certain in this world is Change and the main driver of technology and innovation is the Speed of Change! In this educational session, a few industry leaders will divulge the latest and greatest advancements in the world of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Deployable innovative ASRS solutions providing the flexibility required by the Speed of Change in time to achieve the benefits before the next round of change. In addition, never before seen on the MHI stage, our experts will go “full Monty” with the bare numbers and disclose the Total Cost/Cost Benefit of ASRS ownership.
ASRS C/VLM of MHI Presents: Current Trends and Technologies in Automated Storage and Inventory Management
Learn about the latest trends and technologies that are influencing dynamic storage, inventory management, workflow, and labor optimization. Brought to you by the C/VLM Working Group of the Automated Storage / Retrieval Systems (ASRS) Industry Group of MHI, this seminar will present new technologies that are improving the speed and accuracy of automated storage and allowing C/VLM technology to do more than ever before. The presenters will cover current and emerging trends in material handling, storage methodologies, and workflow optimization and will show how these methods are combined with C/VLM technology to lower labor and operating costs while boosting productivity. This seminar is equally suited for those who are new to C/VLM technology and want to discover its benefits and experienced users who are seeking ways to upgrade and improve their operations. Presenters from multiple equipment manufacturers will be on hand to share their most recent technological innovations and discuss the latest best practices being used in the industry.
Event Start Date End Date Sponsor Location
2019 Spring Meeting 3/4/2019 3/6/2019 MHI The Westin Charlotte
Charlotte, NC
ProMat 2019 4/8/2019 4/11/2019 MHI McCormick Place
Chicago, IL
MODEX 2020 3/9/2020 3/12/2020 MHI Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA

AS/RS Managing Executive

Anupam Berry Bose



Juan Cadrecha
Schaefer Systems

Vice Chairman
Gary Frank
Westfalia Technologies, Inc

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