MH24.1: Safety Standard for Horizontal Carousel Material Handling and Associated Equipment
This newest standard, approved January 15, 2005, for horizontal carousels, was developed by the Carousel and Vertical Lift Module (C/VLM) Working Group of the AS/RS Product Section following the ANSI Public Canvass method.
B30.13 - 2003: Storage/Retrieval (S/R) Machines and Associated Equipment
This AS/RS safety standard published in 2003 deals solely with the Crane and Aisle (C/A) technology for automatic storage and retrieval. This standard, also following the ANSI Public Canvass method, was developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
ASRS-F/A of MHI Presents: 21st Century Latest Advancements and Total Cost / Cost Benefit of Ownership
The only thing certain in this world is Change and the main driver of technology and innovation is the Speed of Change! In this educational session, a few industry leaders will divulge the latest and greatest advancements in the world of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Deployable innovative ASRS solutions providing the flexibility required by the Speed of Change in time to achieve the benefits before the next round of change. In addition, never before seen on the MHI stage, our experts will go “full Monty” with the bare numbers and disclose the Total Cost/Cost Benefit of ASRS ownership.
ASRS C/VLM of MHI Presents: Current Trends and Technologies in Automated Storage and Inventory Management
Learn about the latest trends and technologies that are influencing dynamic storage, inventory management, workflow, and labor optimization. Brought to you by the C/VLM Working Group of the Automated Storage / Retrieval Systems (ASRS) Industry Group of MHI, this seminar will present new technologies that are improving the speed and accuracy of automated storage and allowing C/VLM technology to do more than ever before. The presenters will cover current and emerging trends in material handling, storage methodologies, and workflow optimization and will show how these methods are combined with C/VLM technology to lower labor and operating costs while boosting productivity. This seminar is equally suited for those who are new to C/VLM technology and want to discover its benefits and experienced users who are seeking ways to upgrade and improve their operations. Presenters from multiple equipment manufacturers will be on hand to share their most recent technological innovations and discuss the latest best practices being used in the industry.
New Products, Trends & Benefits in AS/RS
Sponsored by ASRS
As the order fulfillment world strives for same day delivery, Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS) have never been in more demand. The ASRS Product Section composed of the industry leaders will discuss how to apply the latest technologies. During the course of the presentation the audience will learn technology benefits of the systems. This gives the audience a better standing in discussions with the general contractors or planners.
Easy C/VLM Cost Justification: Calculate the True Cost and ROI of Carousels and Vertical Lifts
Sponsored by ASRS
You know that a carousel or vertical lift module will greatly improve operations, but how do you justify the cost? This seminar, presented by the C/VLM Working group of the MHI, will provide you with the knowledge and tools to better understand the true costs of automated storage and how to calculate the return on investment (ROI) that you can expect at your facility. By reducing or even eliminating fixed and ongoing operating expenditures, you can quickly recoup the investment in C/VLM equipment while enjoying better productivity and space utilization.
2014 Automation: See Latest & Greatest Modex & the Industry Has to Offer in 45 Minutes
Sponsored by Automation Alliance
Get up to speed on material handling technologies and leading edge applications in a single 1hr session. The Automation Alliance Group of MHI has collected new developments in automation. These will be presented in a company agnostic pressure free environment via video/pictorial case study briefs. Technologies ranging from complex to simple will be presented, detailing the application, operational benefits, and financial justifications for each.
Building the Business Case for Automation
Sponsored by Automation Alliance
Your business is on the upswing, but with customer demands for shorter cycle times, capacity constraints and workforce challenges are undermining productivity and throughput. This is the sweet spot for automated material handling, but how do you build the business case and justify the investment? In this session, sponsored by MHI’s Automation Alliance, you will learn how users are profiling the value proposition and securing C-level approval for moving ahead with the right level of automation for your operations.
Strategies to Optimize Distribution Center Business Results via Automation Projects
Sponsored by Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) Group
DC managers, accustomed to doing more without more resources, also face a host of strategic challenges that must be met to achieve measureable progress against corporate social responsibility goals and regulatory compliance. This session will help attendees (with or without automated fulfillment systems) understand how automation projects have achieved desired business results by improving cost, safety, throughput, profitability, use of space, traceability, reliability, productivity, regulatory compliance and energy consumption. This session will review case studies of automation projects from AS/RS modernizations to new systems using technology. Attendess will learn the process, tools, and best practices used to design or modernize automated material handling systems for optimal performance that meets the needs of business, the employees, the environment and the customers.
Six Steps to Optimizing Order Fulfillment
Sponsored by Kardex Remstar
From pallet picking to case picking and piece picking, order fulfillment can be an overwhelming task. In this seminar, we will review six steps to streamline and optimize your order fulfillment processes. Categorizing your inventory, matching it with the best storage technology and selecting the right order fulfillment method is the foundation of successful ofer picking. We'll also review some real world examples of how other customers have optimized their order fulfillment processes.
Safeguard Your Production Investment by Optimizing Your MRO
Sponsored by Kardex Remstar
With competitors appearing overnight and consumers demanding more choices with faster delivery, manufacturers have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in automating their production capabilities. In this seminar we will discuss the necessity of protecting that investment by minimizing production downtime and the importance of a reliable maintenance and repair operation (MRO). Every minute a machine is down is a minute of production time that cannot be recovered. The ability to react quickly to repair the machine and minimize downtime can have a major impact on your bottom line.
Automation: Low Risk & Low Cost Order Picking Systems Designed For Efficiency, Reliability and Productivity
Sponsored by Sapient Automation
Single piece/split case order fulfillment can be the most resource consuming activity in a warehouse. The ability to automate order picking regardless of the size of your operation is essential to your customers and management. We will discuss how implementing simple automated technologies today provides labor reduction, space savings, up to 550 lines/hr, flexible/scalable by the hour, 100% ergonomic and a fast Return On Investment.
Solving the Piece Picking Challenge with Award Winning New Technology
Sponsored by Swisslog Logistics Inc.
Evolving market trends in the retail industry which are driving changes in order fulfillment will be reviewed. Impacts on the distribution center are significant and are causing both storage and picking efficiency issues due to reduced order quantities driven by SKU proliferation and shorter product life cycles. New technology that can provide a solution to both the storage and piece picking challenges will be presented along with a case study of an actual implementation.
Batch Pick Your Way to Higher Productivity - 5 Methods to Get the Most Out of Your Picking Operation
Sponsored by System Logistics Corp.
One of the most effective strategy for improving productivity is batching orders together for fulfillment. From simply grouping orders together in a conventional pick-and-go or man-to-goods warehouse, to combining batch picking with automated goods-to-man delivery solutions, batch picking approaches can drive productivity to truly unexpected heights. In this seminar attendees will review multiple concepts for developing batch picking environments as well as applicable technologies that can enable them to be highly productive. Here you will learn more about work area design, work direction technologies, enabling technologies such as flow rack, carousels or ASRS and new solutions designs for goods-to-man delivery solutions. This session will synthesize both theory and practical knowledge of technologies to help attendees increase their understanding of a tried and true approach to order fulfillment and order picking.
Well Beyond the Four Walls - Material Handling Automation's Impact to the Total Supply Chain
Sponsored by TGW Systems
While material handling automation solutions typically focus within the four walls of distribution, the impact of the solution extends well beyond to effect tracking, labor and store shipments.
Event Start Date End Date Sponsor Location
ShowPro Live Exhibitor Workshop for ProMat 2017 12/7/2016 12/7/2016 MHI Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA
MODEX 2018 Space Draw 12/8/2016 12/8/2016 MHI Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA
2017 Roundtable of Industry Leaders 1/20/2017 1/23/2017 MHI Four Seasons Resort
Palm Beach, FL
ProMat 2017 4/3/2017 4/6/2017 MHI McCormick Place
Chicago, IL
2017 Spring Meeting 5/22/2017 5/24/2017 MHI Marriott Center City
Charlotte, NC
2017 Strategic Planning Meeting 7/19/2017 7/22/2017 MHI Ritz Carlton
Half Moon Bay, CA
2017 Annual Conference 10/1/2017 10/4/2017 MHI Boca Raton Resort
Boca Raton, FL
MODEX 2018 4/9/2018 4/12/2018 MHI Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA

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