CMAA Requests for Interpretation

The Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) does not provide: design guidance, design critique, advice, or comments. Any inquiries of this nature, if received, will be declined. However, CMAA Members may be interested in providing such technical support and you are encouraged to visit CMAA members for their contact information.

CMAA will respond to a request to interpret a specific element of a CMAA specification if your request is supplied on company letterhead and is provided via fax or as an emailed attachment identifying the specification and the specific paragraph(s) in question.

Such requests will be considered as an Action Alert Inquiry (AAI) and will be submitted to the CMAA Engineering Committee for interpretation and a response. Only written inquiries on interpretation and applicability of CMAA Specifications 70 and 74 will be given a response by the CMAA Engineering Committee.

Please send your inquiries related to CMAA specifications as outlined above to:

Crane Manufacturers Association of America
8720 Red Oak Blvd., Suite 201
Charlotte, NC 28217
Fax: 704.676.1199


CMAA Specification No. 70 - 2010 - Multiple Girder Cranes

This specification contains information which should be helpful to the purchasers and users of cranes and to the engineering and architectural professions. While much of this information must be of a general nature, the items listed may be checked with individual manufacturers and comparisons made which can lead to optimum selection of equipment.
Purchase Standard

CMAA Specification No. 74 - 2010 - Single Girder Cranes

This book promotes standardization and provides a basis for uniform quality and performance. It contains information which can be helpful for purchasers and users of cranes, as well as engineers and architects. Text consists of seven sections: general specifications, crane service classifications, structural design, mechanical design, electrical equipment, crane inquiry data sheet and glossary.
Purchase Standard

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