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1) Gravity conveyor

Conveyor on which materials are moved by gravity or by a person, as opposed to a conveyor on which materials are moved with powered belts or rollers.

2) Gravity wheel conveyor

Ideal for light duty handling requirements where the load is flat and smooth, gravity wheel conveyors support the load on a series of skate wheels mounted on a shaft in a frame. The conveyor sections can be either rigid (straight or curved) or flexible. In the latter case, the frame is actually an accordion frame capable of being expanded or curved, making it ideal for temporary applications such as the loading and unloading of over-the-road trucks.

3) Gravity roller conveyor

A conveyor which supports the load on a series of rollers with internal ball bearing rings mounted on axles at fixed intervals in a frame. Roller conveyors come in straight sections, curved sections and in various spur and merge sections.