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1) Operator-to-stock equipment

A device that brings a person to stationary storage locations to pick items.

2) Flow rack

Storage rack that utilizes shelves (metal) that are equipped with rollers or wheels.  Such an arrangement allows product and materials to "flow" from the back of the rack to the front and therein making the product more accessible for small-quantity order-picking.

3) Picking

The act of selecting and accumulating items that have been ordered, usually done under a well defined process that takes into account historical order patterns for all items eligible to be ordered.

4) Case pick

The selection of merchandise packaged in shippable cartons for orders from a pick location onto a transporting device (conveyor, cart, pallet).

5) Case pick from pallet

This is a selection activity performed within a specific type of storage area (often pallet rack).  Merchandise movement into these locations is in pallet load quantities from receiving or reserve storage locations.  Merchandise movement out of these locations is in case quantities.

6) Batch pick

The combining of a group of order requirements by SKU into a single picking activity to optimize productivity by allowing one picker to select all the ordered merchandise within a predetermined group with one trip through the pick path.  Batch picking requires subsequent mechanical or manual sorting of the merchandise to reestablish order integrity before shipping.

7) Split case order picking

A  process used to fill orders for quantities less than a full case thereby requiring ordered items to be picked from a case or some similar container.

8) A-frame picking system

Utilized to facilitate the picking of a wide size and shape variety of individual items, the A-frame is extremely popular with drug and pharmaceutical distribution facilities.  As the name implies, individual items are loaded or stacked in two rows of dispensing magazines (one or more magazines per item) that are arranged side-by-side, forming an "A-frame".  A belt conveyor passes through the long tunnel created by the A-frame.  As orders are filled, one at a time, items automatically dispensed from the bottom of selected magazines are kicked onto the belt conveyor, and then they are carried to the end of the tunnel where they fall into a tote.  The tote is then transported by another conveyor to an order and/or packing station.

9) Pick and place industrial robot

The "pick and place" industrial robot is used to feed or disengage parts or tools to or from a machine, or to transfer parts from one machine to another. A variation of a "pick and place" robot is used to build and undo unit loads on a pallet.

10) Clamp

A below-the-hook attaching device which, using a jaw-like scissor gripping action, clamps or locks onto a piece of material. This device is attached to the hook of a hoist or the end effector of a manipulator and usually is used to pick up sheets of material such as wood or metal.

11) Dynamic storage system

A storage system that provides varying means of either mechanically moving storage locations or loads within the systems so as to increase storage density and/or to increase storage, retrieval and order picking throughput.

12) Order picker truck

An industrial truck that is configured in such a way that the stand up cab portion of the truck moves up and down along with the load allowing the operator to retrieve/pick items directly from the storage area.

13) Industrial Trucks

Wheeled vehicle used in the plant or distribution center, in the dock area (and in some cases also in the yard or on construction sites, to pick up, transport and deposit single loads. May be powered manually, by gasoline, propane or electrically.

14) Drive in rack

This type of rack utilizes upright frames, rails, and ties to allow a vehicle to enter a storage rack structure from one side only and pick up or deliver pallets on continuous rails.  Drive-in rack is used to address repetitive products and serves to take advantage of cubic space available for storage, when such unit loads do not lend themselves to block stacking.

15) Pallet flow rack

May be considered back-to-back selective rack.  Inclined conveyor wheel sections are installed in the rack enabling back-loaded pallets are allowed to flow by gravity to the front or pick face.  Pallet flow rack is useful for the movement of fast-moving items and serves to increase density of storage and throughput.