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1) Overhead crane

A crane with a single or multiple girder (bridge girder) bridge carrying a movable or fixed hoisting mechanism and traveling on an overhead fixed runway structure.

2) Mobile equipment

Material handling equipment that is designed to move within and outside a facility to transport materials, people and maintenance/service supplies.  Such equipment can range from industrial trucks, personnel carriers, lifts and AGV's.


Order Selection, Staging and Storage Council (see OFC )

4) Order picking

Order picking or order selection is the process of retrieving individual items (from storage locations) for the purpose of fulfilling an order for a customer. Schemes by which to achieve efficient order picking will vary widely. However, in all cases it involves locating the items in storage; creating a plan for retrieving the items; physically picking the items (either automatically or manually); sorting and/or assembling them into discrete orders; and in the end even packaging the orders for delivery. Although defined as a process, order picking cannot be achieved without the appropriate computer software and mechanical equipment, including the storage medium, such as pallet racks, shelving, AS/RS (including carousels) and flow delivery racks, and a means for transporting items from receiving to storage and from storage to packaging and shipment. A variety of industrial trucks and conveyors will be found in most order picking applications. Order picking may also involve robotic like devices for physically picking discrete items from their storage location. See also Warehouse Management Systems or WMS .

5) Order Fulfillment Solutions (OFS) Industry Group

The Order Fulfillment Solutions (OFS) industry group is dedicated to developing properly applied order fulfillment solutions. OFS's members achieve this mission through Education and Membership Development.

6) Non-folding container

A container with corners permanently helixed and is subject to the same specifications as "folding containers".

7) Non-corrugated steel container

A metal container fabricated from  corrugated steel sheet and with the same characteristics as corrugated steel containers.

8) Manifesting

The act of creating a statement which describes and/or lists the load on a vehicle in transit.

9) Monorails

A single run of overhead track on which carriers (trolleys) travel.

10) MHAM

Material Handling Accessory Manufacturers (See ICCM )

11) Material Handling Accessory Manufacturer

Material Handling Accessory Manufacturers (See ICCM )

12) Materials Handling Management Society

The Materials Handling & Management Society (MHMS) is an individual membership organization for the material handling practitioner and the material handling community. Members include individuals who are committed to continuing their professional career development.

13) Overhead travelling crane

A crane with a single or multiple girder (bridge girder) bridge carrying a movable or fixed hoisting mechanism and traveling on an overhead fixed runway structure.

14) Master carton

Utilized as a  larger uniform shipping carton for smaller packages or carton, the master carton serves to lessen material handling time and adds protection during shipping to the smaller items.

15) Master pack

A large box that is used to pack a number of smaller boxes or containers.  Aids in protecting the smaller cartons or packages and reduces the number of cartons to be handled during the material handling process.