Loyalty Program

Members are rewarded “Loyalty Points” for participation and support of various MHI programs throughout a calendar year. Accumulated points between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 can be redeemed for a predetermined “Rewards Package” as well as determine position at our exhibit Space Draws for our ProMat and MODEX expos.

Points accumulated in 2018 can be redeemed for benefits/rewards in the 2019 calendar year. 2019 points will also determine position at our ProMat 2021 Space Draw. .

MHI Membership
All member companies receive ten (10) one time only initiation points for joining MHI. Additionally, each MHI member company is credited with two hundred (200) Loyalty Points for being a current paid member in good standing with MHI for the current and previous year.

ABC Company is a first time MHI Member in good standing (all membership dues paid in full) for 2019 they will receive ten (10) one time only initiation points that will be added to their Loyalty Point accrual. If “ABC Company” renews membership the following year they will receive 200 Loyalty Points in 2020.

New MHI Member Referrals
Each MHI Member Company is credited with five (5) Loyalty Points for referring any company that becomes a new MHI member. It is up to the current Member to ensure the referral is listed on the new Member’s MHI Membership Application.

Exhibit Space
Each MHI Member company is credited with ten (10) Loyalty Points for each year exhibiting at the six (6) most recent expos (including upcoming expos and Space Draw), plus one (1) point for each 100 square feet of exhibit space at each included expo. Should one MHI Member company have two (2) exhibit spaces, they will receive ten (10) Loyalty Points, plus one (1) point for each 100 square feet of the total square footage of all booths*. See example below for more clarification.

ABC Company has decided to participate at the ProMat 2021 Space Draw. ***

“ABC Company’s” exhibit space points would be as follows:

  • ProMat 2021: Lease submitted with payment requesting 10x30 booth = 13 pts
  • MODEX 2020: (10x20 booth) = 12 pts
  • ProMat 2019: (10x20 booth) = 12 pts
  • MODEX 2018: Did not exhibit = 0 pts
  • ProMat 2017: Did not exhibit= 0 pts
  • MODEX 2016: Did not exhibit = 0 pts

Total Exhibit Points earned: 37 points

*** If ABC Company chose not to participate in the ProMat 2021 Space Draw and did not submit a lease by December 31, 2019; they would receive zero Exhibit Loyalty Points for ProMat 2021. Their total Exhibit Loyalty Points in 2019 would equal 24. If a lease is submitted after December 31, 2019, the Loyalty Points would be applied towards their Rewards Package received for 2020 and the Space Draw for MODEX 2022, if applicable.

*ProMat 2019 confirmed attendee points will apply to the loyalty point total for 2019, which will apply to the ProMat 2021 Space Draw.

Industry Group Membership
MHI member companies will be credited five (5) Loyalty Points per Industry Group per calendar year.

Industry Group Meeting Attendance
Member companies that attend Industry Group meetings at both the Spring Meeting and Annual Conference will be awarded five (5) Loyalty Points per Industry Group per calendar year. Attendance will be tracked through the Industry Group meeting minutes. Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

MHI Meeting Attendance
MHI member companies** will be credited five (5) Loyalty Points (unless otherwise noted) for attending each of the following events:

  • Spring Meeting
  • Annual Conference
  • MHI Young Professional Network live events
    (Points will be awarded to member companies that send an attendee 40 years old or younger)
    • Spring Meeting YPN Networking Event (2 points)
    • ProMat / MODEX Meet & Greet (2 points)
    • Emerging Leaders Conference
    • Annual Conference YPN Networking Event (2 points)
  • Participation in ShowPro live event
  • Women in Supply Chain live events
    • ProMat 2019 Women’s Forum
    • Women in Industry Conference
  • MHEM Webinars (A company must attend all four quarterly webinars to earn points. A company can attend live sessions or view the session recordings.)

**Companies do not receive more points for sending more than one person.

User Invitations to Spring Meeting & Annual Conference
For any user company that attends the Spring Meeting or Annual Conference and was invited by a member, that member will receive (5) five loyalty points. It is the responsibility of the member company to ensure MHI membership knows of their invitation. The maximum a member company can receive from user company invitations is (15) fifteen points.

Volunteer Leadership
MHI Member companies will be credited a maximum of twenty (20) Loyalty Points for participation in any of the following volunteer leadership activities:

  • Industry Group Leadership (10 points)
  • Board of Governors (10 points)
  • Roundtable (10 points)
  • MHI Orientation Team (Spring Meeting: 5 points, Annual Conference: 5 points)
  • MPro Leadership (10 points)
  • MPro Member (5 points)
  • YPN Board of Advisors (5 points)

*Each volunteer leadership activity has its own rules and regulations that the volunteers must adhere to in order to receive their points.

Advertising and Sponsorships
Loyalty Points will be awarded to MHI member companies for advertising or sponsorship including:

  • On Floor Seminar Sponsorship during current calendar year
  • Material Handling Education Foundation (MHEFI) scholarship sponsorship
  • MHI Solutions print and banner ads
  • Expo sponsorships and advertising during current calendar year
  • Annual Conference sponsorships

Following dollar volume scale below:

Total Amount Spent Priority Points
$500 - $1,9991 point
$2,000 - $3,999 2 points
$4,000 - $6,999 3 points
$7,000 - $9,999 4 points
$10,000 - $12,9995 points
$13,000 - $14,9996 points
$15,000 - $17,9997 points
$18,000 - $19,9998 points
$20,000 - $24,9999 points
$25,000 - $26,99910 points
$27,000 - $29,99911 points
$30,000 - $33,99912 points
$34,000 - $36,99913 points
$37,000 - $39,99914 points
$40,000 - $42,99915 points
$43,000 - $45,99916 points
$46,000 - $49,99917 points
$50,000 and above 18 points

* ProMat 2019 Advertising & Sponsorship points will apply to the point total for the ProMat 2021 Space Draw. MODEX 2018 Advertising & Sponsorships will be applied in 2018 and will apply to the point total for the MODEX 2020 Space Draw.

Guest Writing for MHI Blog
MHI Member companies that write two (2) blog articles throughout the year for the MHI blog will be awarded five (5) loyalty points. Blogs must be informative rather than persuasive and cannot contain a sales pitch. All blog postings must be approved by the MHI marketing team prior to being posted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are loyalty points handled after an acquisition or merger?
For Space Draw, the new parent company will have access to all its divisional company’s points earned through exhibitions. All divisions will still have access to their original and future loyalty points for our annual rewards packages that offer discounts to MHI programming and events.

It is the responsibility of the acquirer to let MHI know of their purchase. Any acquisition notifications that occur after Monday, November 25, 2019 may not be processed in time for the ProMat 2021 Space Draw.

What if I believe my company's Loyalty Point total is incorrect?
Loyalty Points are calculated with great care and we believe they accurately reflect the status of each MHI Member and Exhibitor. However, if you believe your company's point total is incorrect or there is an error please contact MHI membership at . If you have questions about your point total in regards to the Exhibit Space Draw please see below for more information about “Space Draw Points.”

What happens at the end of the year to my Loyalty Points?
Point totals remain where they currently stand and the annual points earned start over at zero (0) each calendar year.

How can I check my point total?
Log into MHI.org with your user credentials. Click “For Members” and go to “Loyalty”. Don’t know your member credentials? Email .

It is the responsibility of the acquirer to let MHI know of their purchase. Please email all acquisitions or mergers to . Any acquisition notifications that occur after Monday, November 26, 2018 may not be processed in time for the MODEX 2020 Space Draw.

Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know what my rewards are?
At the beginning of the year Membership Packets will be mailed with point totals and corresponding Rewards Packages.as well as under the “For Members” Portion of the MHI.org website.

How do I receive my rewards?
Every January, MHI Member companies will receive a Rewards package outlining the amount of Loyalty Points they have accumulated over the past year and what they can be redeemed for.

How long do I have to use my rewards?
Each member company will receive their Rewards Package during the next calendar year and can use their points during that year.

Example: Points earned in 2018 will apply to their 2019 Rewards Package that can be redeemed January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.

What types of rewards will I receive?
Members can redeem their rewards for the following:

  • Meeting Registration Fees
  • Other Special Events
  • Applicable advertising and sponsorships

Space Draw Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my company buys an additional booth, increases/reduces booth size, or buys new or additional advertising/sponsorship products?
Each company will receive full credit for any changes/additions that positively or negatively impact the point total. MHI updates each company's Loyalty Point total quarterly as well as before each exhibit space draw.

What happens at the Space Draw if two companies tie in Loyalty points?
If two or more companies tie in Loyalty points, the date and time the completed lease are received by MHI will be the tie-breaker.

How are Parent Company and Divisional Company’s points handled in regards to position at the Space Draw ?
The Company/Organization (parent or divisional) that has the highest total of Loyalty Points will have their total points combined with the total Exhibit Space points of any company/organization in their group to determine their position in the Space Draw. See example for clarification.


2019 Loyalty Rewards Packages 2018 Point Total Rewards Available for 2018
Ultra ($5,790 Value) 500 and above
  • Annual Conference: 100% off 2 Member Registrations
  • Spring Meeting: 100% off 2 Member Registrations
  • $2500 ProMat 2019 On-Floor Seminar
  • 2 ProMat 2019 Industry Night Tickets
  • Free banner ad on MHI Member newsletter
($2,417 Value)
  • Annual Conference: 75% off 2 Member Registrations
  • Spring Meeting: 75% off 2 Member Registrations
  • 2 ProMat 2019 Industry Night Tickets
($1,045 Value)
  • Annual Conference: 50% off 2 Member Registrations
  • 1 ProMat 2019 Industry Night Ticket