Sunday, March 22, 2015

At the ProMat 2015 industry expo this week, automated order fulfillment products and solutions leader Retrotech will introduce a new shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval (ASR) system specifically designed for the severe environments found in freezer warehouses, as well as new software solutions that can be tailored to customers’ materials handling needs.
The company, which will be exhibiting on the ProMat exhibition floor at Booth #1041 from March 23-26, will also be conducting an educational seminar focused on clarifying the roles of warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse control systems (WCS).   
“ProMat is one of the premier settings for engaging customers and prospects about their supply chain and manufacturing experiences – and for highlighting the many solutions that Retrotech offers,” said Retrotech CEO Paul Deveikis. “Our expertise in the design, installation, modernization, and support of automated storage and retrieval systems matches up with the needs of many of the companies who will be at ProMat 2015. We’re looking forward to a productive week, with many new opportunities and customer relationships.”
New PTS for Freezer
At ProMat, Retrotech will be discussing its newest PTS line, a shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval (ASR) system specifically designed for freezer warehouses. This new Retrotech PTS, which is new to North America and became commercially available in late 2014, is the third generation of this freezer product line. It is engineered and tested exclusively for customers looking to address the growing demand for order fulfillment at case — and less-than-case — quantities in frozen goods distribution centers. 
“We’re extremely excited by the potential applications for our new PTS for freezer warehouses, and for the benefits this system can deliver for customers who operate and manage frozen goods facilities,” said Tom O’Dette, Retrotech’s director of engineering. “This new offering gives Retrotech a full complement of automation solutions for the cold supply chain, and equally important, a full set of freezer warehouse-focused solutions that have been engineered specifically to meet the unique challenges inherent to the extremely cold environment of freezer warehouses. This really sets Retrotech apart from many of its competitors, whose products are typically non-freezer systems that have been repurposed with freezer-rated components.” 
New, Tailored Software Solutions
Also at ProMat 2015, Retrotech will be showcasing its extensive software portfolio. The company offers a full library of software modules that can be edited and built to accommodate any application and any industry. These modules can also be integrated with a company’s existing software system, which means that minimal adjustments are required to implement Retrotech automation solutions. 
“Our software solutions help customers manage risk and facilitate more data-driven decisions,” said Deveikis. “These software solutions work seamlessly with existing systems and enhance capabilities to manage the supply chain flow and inventory movement with ease, as well as manage all activities within the distribution center. We can also make it very easy to insert automation solutions.” 
Seminar to Explore the “Gray Space” Between WMS and WCS
On March 25th at 10:30 a.m., Retrotech will conduct an educational seminar regarding the roles and main components of WMS and WCS. All ProMat attendees are invited to attend. The seminar will take place in Theater 1 of McCormick Place, and is entitled “Eliminating the “Gray Space” between WCS and WMS. 
“Despite the undeniable importance of WMS and WCS for warehouse operations, there remains considerable uncertainty about the difference between these two important tools,” says Richard Lanpheare of Retrotech, who will lead the seminar. “Many of the smartest people in today’s materials handling industry still hesitate when determining whether WCS, WMS or both should be responsible for tasks like inventory control, order management and shipping execution. This cross-over functionality creates the so-called ‘gray space’ between WCS and WMS, which we’ll explore in-depth at this session.” 
Other points to be covered during the presentation include how to optimize the value of WCS and WMS through standardization and balance.   
Companies interested in learning more about Retrotech can contact the company toll-free at 1-866-915-ASRS (2777) or online at 
About Retrotech Inc.
With a global presence spanning 22+ countries, Retrotech is a leader in automating warehouse and distribution center order fulfillment and storage systems to become more productive, flexible and reliable.
Retrotech, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2015, provides exceptional engineering, project management and technical product and software expertise combined with unparalleled design, implementation and installation of material handling and order fulfillment/e-commerce systems. Retrotech project experience includes: green field systems and modernizations of existing automated material handling systems. Specific experience includes pallet and unit load ASRS, as well as case, tote and tray handling ASRS, WMS/WCS software, goods-to-person systems, cross-dock/consolidation processes, buffering systems, pallet and case conveying and sortation equipment, simulation/emulation capabilities, and 24/7 customer service availability. 
Retrotech Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Savoye and a member of Legris Industries Group. 
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