Gamber-Johnson Announces NEW Safety Lights and Brackets Product Line for Material Handling

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Gamber-Johnson, an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of rugged docking stations announces a partnership to sell TYRI lights and combine them with our light brackets to create a total safety light solution for vehicles.
As our world continues to evolve whether in technology or in the workplace, so does our ability to tune out sounds that helps to keep us safe in the workplace.  TYRI BluePoint and RedPoint lights were developed to increase safety and minimize risk of accidents by providing a visual indicator of an approaching vehicle.  The light can be positioned on the vehicle to shine an intense beam of blue or red light onto the floor in front or behind the vehicle.  This visual alert is especially critical in noisy manufacturing plants where the sirens and alarms on the vehicles are hard to hear.  By combining TYRI lights and Gamber-Johnson light brackets we make it easier to create a safer work environment.
TYRI BluePoint and RedPoint lights are designed to withstand the harsh environments they go into.  Constructed out of cast aluminum and impact resistant plastic, they are manufactured to last.  TYRI Lights are tested for IP 69K, EMC, Vibration, Salt Spray and UL compliant certifications.  The LED light is rated for 40,000 hours making this a long-term safety solution.
Gamber-Johnson Light Brackets offer a way to mount the TYRI BluePoint and RedPoint lights to virtually any vehicle.  The light brackets come in four different options: single fixed, dual fixed, adjustable single and adjustable dual.  The variety of options takes into account that all overhead guards aren’t completely level; some have slight angles.  In order to position the light so it shines the beam at a distance from the vehicle some angle adjustments need to be made.  All Gamber-Johnson products are tested to withstand rugged environments are backed by a lifetime warranty. 
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About Gamber-Johnson. In business since 1954, Gamber-Johnson is a market leader of rugged docking stations and vehicle mounts, and a member of the Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products (CVP) Group. Customers of all sizes – state and local governments, transportation, field service organizations, and mobile professionals – rely on Gamber-Johnson's vehicle mounting systems and docking stations on a daily basis and associate the Gamber-Johnson name and products with quality, safety and reliability. As a result, Gamber-Johnson vehicle mounting systems are installed in thousands of fleets worldwide.
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