Longer lasting brake discs and pads on display at booth 936

Monday, February 01, 2016

Tribco Inc. will exhibit brake discs, brake pads and clutch discs that last 3 to 5 times longer than what they replace because they are lined with Braketex® — the world’s only 100% Kevlar® fibered textile composite friction lining.
According to Tribco, its Braketex lining is ideal for both dry and wet (in oil) brakes on stackers, cranes, hoists, telehandlers and other material handling applications.
Longer-lasting Braketex is also non-abrasive and won’t scratch or wear down the opposing metal surface. At the same time, Braketex solves the age-old problem of dirty, damaging brake dust because Braketex does not generate dust as it wears.
Additionally, Tribco bonds its Braketex facing to metal carrier plates so its brake discs won’t crack, crumble or break during use like brittle molded graphitic discs.
Tribco stocks replacement discs and pads for all major original equipment brake and clutch systems. Tribco also relines brake shoes and used metal carriers or will fabricate new parts to order.
Overall, Tribco’s patented 100% Kevlar fibered composite lining has been performance proven in thousands of brake, clutch and other friction applications worldwide for over 30 years. This includes agriculture, aviation, construction, defense, forestry, manufacturing, marine, material handling, metal forming, stamping, mining, oil, packaging, paper, printing, trucking and wind turbine applications to name just a few.
For more information, contact Tribco’s Marketing Director Nick Bade at 216–486–2000 or nb@tribco.com. Or visit Tribco at Modex Booth no. 936.
For more information, contact: 
Nick Bade, Director of Marketing 
18901 Cranwood Parkway
Cleveland OH 44128 USA 
Email:  nb@tribco.com