SpaceGuard Products Unleashes “The Beast”!

Friday, February 26, 2016

SpaceGuard Products (Seymour, IN), a U.S. manufacturer of globally reputable brands of safeguarding and secure storage products, such as AisleGuard barriers and FordLogan woven wire mesh partitions, proudly unveiled its brand-new flagship product line, BeastWire Mesh Guarding ( on February 1st, 2016. To keep up with the growing needs of its customers, SpaceGuard’s team set out to create a product that would provide one-stop shopping for all of their secured storage needs.  
SpaceGuard Products Unleashes “The Beast”!
BeastWire is designed to use universal components, regardless of the application. This allows SpaceGuard to maintain fewer part numbers while still fulfilling orders for welded wire partitions, robotic and machine guarding, data center colocation cages, tenant storage lockers, and pallet rack safety enclosures and barriers. BeastWire utilizes all carriage bolt connections for the quickest installation on the market without jeopardizing the product’s security. BeastWire also comes with a host of customizable options, including various wire mesh options, allowing customers to match existing architectural specifications or previously installed materials.
Universal Security. Unleashed.
The Beast brand arrives to the market accompanied with “BeastBuilder”, a revolutionary 3D configuration program which allows users to draw their own wire mesh partitions with simple point-and-click technology.  All quotations come with a full bill of materials, elevation and plan view drawings, along with a price quote for materials as well as freight to the desired destination. 
Once a user has gone through a brief training, they are supplied with their unique login credentials.  By logging in, users can revise existing layouts/quotes and also update the progress of any outstanding projects.  With BeastBuilder, the quote process has never been easier or faster! 
During SpaceGuard’s BeastWire launch party, President and Owner, Eddie Murphy, stated that, “BeastWire is more than a new brand; it’s a new way for us to be responsive to a growing and diverse customer base. We’ve always been proud of our exceptional customer service, and now with the BeastBuilder program, we’ll be able to provide shorter lead times, quicker quote turnaround, and price reductions through more efficient processes and universal parts.”  
Vice President of Operations, Hauris Lewis, encapsulated the team’s excitement by saying, “BeastWire is the next evolution in safety and storage products: it is completely adaptable, while manageable to anyone regardless of his/her experience selling, erecting, or designing this type of product.”
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