Enspire Commerce Announces Strategic Partnership with KitOrder, an e-Commerce Curation Tool

Enspire Commerce, an enVista company, will enable KitOrder to streamline order fulfillment across multiple channels and will offer Enspire Commerce clients a unique e-commerce personalization platform

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Enspire Commerce, an enVista company that enables retailers to transcend traditional transactions with the retail industry’s only cloud-based, omni-channel enterprise commerce management (ECM) solution, today announces a strategic partnership with KitOrder, a microsite e-commerce curation tool used by top apparel brands to expand and accelerate revenue streams with direct to consumer targeted sales. As a result of the collaboration, KitOrder clients will be utilizing Enspire Commerce’s omni-channel order management solution to appropriately route orders from various channels in order to create an optimal fulfillment workflow. As the integration develops, Enspire Commerce clients will have the benefit of a highly scalable, cost effective personalization and merchandising tool.
Founded in 2009, KitOrder works with top brands such as New Balance, Sports Chalet, Riddell and more to launch on-demand, limited window e-commerce websites. These storefronts can be easily curated for groups or targeted consumers. From team apparel and fundraising micro-sites, to curated influencer sales, concierge personalization and product launches, KitOrder’s responsive storefronts can be launched quickly and without information technology (IT) intervention.
“Thanks to KitOrder, consumers are treated to an authentic and relevant e-commerce experience,” said enVista CEO and President Jim Barnes. “The KitOrder storefront platform provides a unique advantage for Enspire Commerce clients who are seeking additional personalization and merchandising tools for their e-commerce offering. Moreover, Enspire Commerce extends the KitOrder offering with enhanced fulfillment capabilities.  By partnering with enVista and Enspire Commerce, KitOrder clients will now be able to leverage inventory across e-commerce distribution centers and brick-and-mortar stores. This will lead to more sales and brand loyalty for retailers and a better overall experience for shoppers.”
Enspire Commerce’s omni-channel order management solution enables KitOrder to utilize drop ship vending, pickup at store, ship from store and more to deliver an enhanced customer service experience on behalf of its clients.
“KitOrder makes it easy for brands to create authentic e-commerce content that can be easily targeted and launched across various strategic initiatives,” said Janelle Kellman, founder and CEO of KitOrder. “By aligning with enVista and Enspire Commerce, we can now help our clients streamline supply chain dynamics, which will only lead to increased and faster sales cycles.”
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For more information about KitOrder, visit http://www.kitorder.com/
About KitOrder
KitOrder is an agile and cost-effective e-commerce solution used by top apparel brands to expand and accelerate revenue streams in direct to consumer, targeted sales. KitOrder’s proprietary micro e-commerce curation tools make it easy to quickly launch limited window stores. With a software product that does not require technical expertise, KitOrder helps marketers and e-commerce strategists quickly execute personal, authentic e-commerce interactions. The KitOrder platform is offered as a white label and supports storefronts that are highly scalable and customizable. KitOrder is proven to create sales uplift through micro-merchandising for brands in the fashion and apparel space, and has recently expanded to support content campaigns for brand influencers and employee engagement. For more information, visit http://www.kitorder.com/
About Enspire Commerce
By bridging critical gaps in omni-channel commerce, Enspire Commerce enables small to mid-market retailers, distributors and third party logistics providers (3PLs) to transcend traditional transaction-based selling to deliver customer-focused commerce via the retail industry’s only cloud-based enterprise commerce management (ECM) solution on a single platform. The ECM platform features a multi-tenant architecture integration framework that allows seamless interactions between retailers and their suppliers, logistics partners, stores and customers. The software suite includes: retail engagement (POS), advanced order management, product information master (PIM), trading partner management (TPM), and e-commerce solutions that deliver a unified customer brand experience. With Enspire Commerce, companies can effectively implement a customer-centric approach to omni-channel commerce, improving brand loyalty and extending profitability. Enspire Commerce is an enVista company. For more info, visit http://www.enspirecommerce.com
About enVista
enVista is a leading global supply chain consulting and IT services firm, delivering innovative solutions that improve profitability, enhance customer service and reduce waste from source to consumption. enVista’s unrivaled consulting experience, deep vertical industry expertise and comprehensive solutions portfolio enable clients to leverage one strategic partner that consults, implements and operates across supply chain, transportation, retail, IT and ERP. For more information, visit http://www.envistacorp.com
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