Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Patterson Fan Company has always enjoyed success as an industry leader in air movement solutions and technology. From high velocity truck coolers to HVLS ceiling fans, Patterson has always paid special attention to their customers’ needs, and worked closely with them to develop fitting solutions to their problems. In recent years, Patterson has received a large number of requests for a quieter fan that doesn’t sacrifice performance. Now, Patterson Fan Company is proud to announce…they’ve heard you. Introducing the db!
The Patterson db is the first “quiet fan” to hit the industrial market. This innovative, distinctly sleek design is made from highly durable rotomolded polypropylene. The db’s small footprint allows for more clearance in pick module and truck bay door applications (50% more clearance than our most popular 18” high velocity fan). With a half horsepower motor powering the double blower, the db is able to throw an evenly distributed column of air 50’ without incurring exorbitant energy costs.
While all of that makes the db a very impressive and highly efficient blower unit, its real claim to fame is the low level of noise output. At 65db, the db is 70% quieter than our 18” fan, and 9 times quieter than the average lawnmower*. Ease of communication will be greatly improved with that level of noise reduction, and improved communication is a key component of greater productivity.
*Information taken from Purdue University website 
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