Wulftec® Stretch Wrapping Equipment VARIABLE Pre-stretch

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stop by our MODEX booth 4169 and learn more about variable pre-stretch:
  • the affordable version
  • the high speed version
  • the world class version
Why do you need variable pre-stretch?
  • To increase puncture resistance on 1st layer when the load has sharp edged or protruding objects
  • When changing from one type of load to another (e.g., from plastic containers to metal containers)
  • To optimize load containment
  • To increase load containment while reducing costs 
Since 1990, Wulftec® has been synonymous with unbeatable strength and durability in the packaging industry…renowned for developing, manufacturing and distributing packaging equipment with unwavering focus on quality, service and innovation. Our strong entrepreneurial spirit dictates that if we haven’t built it yet, we’ll work with clients to build it now. This commitment to customer satisfaction goes well beyond equipment design. We also give equal attention to installation and operations training, after-sales service and maintenance.  Thanks to the can-do approach of Wulftec’s sales and service departments, along with our extensive network of Wulftec® distributors, it’s easy for clients to benefit from the exceptional value, reliability and productivity that only Wulftec® can offer. 
For more information, contact:
Colinda Lavallee, Marketing Manager
Wulftec International Inc. 
Toll free: 1-877-WULFTEC (985-3832)
Email: colindal@wulftec.com
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Priscille Tremblay, Sales Director

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