AIS announces SCANALYST 3 Enterprise – A Unified Barcode Labeling Compliance Solution

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

AIS has announced the release of the first comprehensive barcode labeling compliance solution for any company using barcodes.
All major industries using barcode must now comply with barcode quality and content specifications. This is in response to the growing value of barcode scanning for data purposes rather than simply productivity. It is also due to the increase in complexity as new barcode applications may now contain serial numbers, expiration dates, product origin, etc. Companies must now manage this aspect of their business to avoid complaints, disruption and risk.
SCANALYST 3 Enterprise makes this management task achievable. The new system includes added database functions as well as tools to optimize quality of existing printing equipment. The database functions make it possible to integrate compliance inspection results into a company’s ERP, GRC or MES systems. The print analysis tools help optimize quality of existing printing systems and avoid unnecessary upgrade costs. Enterprise is based on the SCANALYST 3 platform which inspects barcodes for ISO quality and for data format.
Mike Nolan, a principal at AIS says “Our objective is to help companies consistently attain the specified quality level needed for the way barcode is used in 2016 and beyond. This proactive approach will make barcode an even more valuable technology. It is important to remember that the quality of barcode labeling impacts the value of a product to a buyer. Barcode quality is a business process metric that should be monitored for success.”
AIS is a US based company founded in 1985 that specializes in the AIDC technologies. Mike Nolan is the founder and has over 40 years of AIDC experience, an advocate for quality and a member of the AIDC100.
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