AIS announces SCANALYST 3 Supply Chain – Certifies the Barcode Labeling Process between Trading Partners

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

AIS has announced the availability of the first labeling compliance system that features quality and format certification.
Companies with disparate trading partners find it difficult to manage the labeling process of purchased products. All too often product is not inspected prior to shipment and is delivered with substandard barcode quality. This usually leads to relabeling before sale but increasingly, it means a return to the manufacturer to be in compliance with labeling regulations. Lost sales and higher costs are the end results.
SCANALYST 3 Supply Chain aims to solve this problem using several new features. The first is the ability for the manufacturer to post quality inspection results electronically for shipments prior to shipping. This certifies that the goods on route have been inspected and do pass the minimum quality threshold. As a buyer, you can feel more confident that the contract will be fulfilled. The system also includes additional financial and collaborative incentives for trading partners to equip themselves with proper inspection gear. It also offers manufacturers help and assistance with both barcode standards as well as tuning for barcode printing.
Jeff Nolan, a principal at AIS says “In our 2016 global economy, barcode is the chosen language of business. Our SCANALYST platform makes barcode much easier for trading partners. They can be proactive and perfect their business communications, which is better than reacting to a costly problem. This collaborative work becomes even more important as trading partners incorporate complex serialization and traceability standards into their business communications.”
AIS is a US based company founded in 1985 that specializes in the AIDC technologies. Mike Nolan is the founder and has over 40 years of AIDC experience, an advocate for quality and a member of the AIDC100.
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