AIS Previews an Innovative Real Time Locating System

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

AIS is now previewing a new Real Time Locating System (RTLS) designed to work with your existing communications infrastructure for quick and easy installation. By using existing communications, there is no need for added hardware which leads to lower cost and makes it more feasible for many new applications.
RTLS using RFID is seen as an answer to the perennial business question of “Where is it?” In manufacturing and distribution, countless hours are spent looking for ‘lost’ items. Trucks, returnable containers, tooling, parts, etc. all can be hard to find at the time you need them most. Business can be disrupted if the item is not found in time. RTLS is a tool that prevents this disruption.
Mike Nolan, a principal at AIS says “Our first RFID system was done in 1989, long before many had even heard the acronym RFID. We have completed many significant installations using various technologies, but this is a real game changer. The new technology takes away a lot of the obstacles and means that we will be seeing a lot more RTLS.” The new system is based on AIS’s existing software code structures as well as new emerging IOT (Internet of Things) technology.
AIS is a US based company founded in 1985 that specializes in the AIDC technologies. Mike Nolan is the founder and has over 40 years of AIDC experience, an advocate AIDC and a member of the AIDC100.
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