ASBECO Delivers Their Latest Successful Mechanical Installation Project

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

When a major U.S integrator of material handling systems required a high quality mechanical system installation for one of their key customers in the freight forwarding segment, they once again turned to ASBECO.  As a trusted provider of material handling systems installation services for more than 25 years, ASBECO had the experience and talent to ensure that the project was completed on schedule, on budget, and with uncompromising quality. 
This project was a great example of the type of work that ASBECO can perform. The scope of work consisted of the demolition and installation of multiple welded conveyor systems and platforms. ASBECO leveraged their ISO certified processes to develop a detailed schedule, along with a risk management plan, and then tracked progress using earned value performance metrics to ensure that the job went smoothly, with no surprises. ASBECO also lived up to their reputation for responsiveness by working closely with the customer throughout the project, and by being flexible incorporating some unexpected changes.  Overall the project was a huge success, culminating in formal customer recognition of ASBECO’s superior performance.
“With over 1000 installations competed in 35 states, ASBECO has consistently provided flexible installation solutions to a large variety of major integrators. ASBECO is a proven performer and a trusted partner with an unparalleled 25 year past performance track record”, said Jim Pierce, President of ASBECO. “We look forward to continuing to partner with our customers in the material handling segment as we expand our offerings”.
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