NOVA Technology introduces the release of its latest product, the Nova Lock-Up™ Vehicle Restraint

Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 17, 2016 

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI—NOVA Technology introduces its new Lock-Up vehicle restraint.  The patent pending NOVA Lock-Up vehicle restraint is designed to secure an intermodal container chassis or trailer to a loading dock by engaging the Rear Impact Guard (RIG) with a vertical barrier operated by a control panel mounted inside the building.  The Roller Slope Extension is designed to decrease resistance of carriage travel while it is adjusting to the height of the RIG on the trailer thereby saving wear on the RIG, carriage and pavement.  Engagement range extends from 9-30 inches above the ground.  A spring-loaded, structural steel housing automatically positions the unit when contacted by a backing truck.  Mounts to dock above ground level to stay clear of accumulated precipitation and debris.  Protected from the elements with watertight connectors and zinc plating, which provides exceptional corrosion resistance. 

 The NOVA Lock-Up offers more versatility than a rotating hook, providing security in restraining a wider variety of vehicles and offers unique features and benefits:

Exclusive Lifting Mechanism
- Utilizes an over-center device which maintains engagement even in the event of a power failure—no brake, clutch or battery pack needed.
- Brakeless, direct drive gear motor specifically engineered for this application—no need for adjustments, requires less maintenance—means more robust durability for the drive system.

Gear Motor
- Utilizes multiple powertrain components to distribute stress and optimize velocities, maximizing long-term durability.
- Operates on electrical current only when engaging or disengaging the vertical barrier with the RIG, resulting in more reliable operation.

Roller Slope Extension
- Eliminates gouging/marking on the dock approach compared to “skid” style slope extensions.

Exclusive NOVA Lock-Up features and benefits:

- The Lock-Up restraint maintains contact with the RIG and adjusts automatically with trailer float motion to ensure proper engagement at all times during the loading and unloading process
- Patent pending activation system ensures RIG/barrier engagement when electrical power is lost
- Brakeless, direct drive gear motor specifically engineered for this application—no brake, clutch, sprockets,  chain or adjustments required
- Engagement range active from 9-30 inches above the ground
- Meets and exceeds ANSI MH30.3 requirements, tested and certified
- Designed to withstand more than 38,000 lbs of pulling force
- Unit has corrosion-resistant zinc plating to weather the toughest of climates
- Slim profile carriage design reduces the risk of collision damage to the Lock-Up and truck trailers
- Warranty up to 5 years

Since 1986, NOVA Technology has brought innovation and reliability to the loading dock equipment industry with a full line of effective, durable and user friendly products.  The company’s product portfolio encompasses a comprehensive series of vehicle restraints, mechanical, air powered and hydraulic dock levelers, edge-of-dock levelers, dock seals and shelters, safety barrier products, and other loading dock accessories to improve safety, productivity, security and environmental control.

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