Boyce Bonham Accepts Position as Hytrol's Chief Engineer

Friday, July 01, 2016

(Jonesboro, AR) June 30, 2016–Hytrol is pleased to announce that Boyce Bonham has accepted the position of Hytrol's Chief Engineer. This role increases Bonham's availability to provide support to the Hytrol integration partner network, leveraging his strengths as a technical solutions provider and his relationship with the company's integration partners and end users.
"The role of Chief Engineer was a natural choice for Boyce, who has already positioned himself as Hytrol’s senior technical solutions provider," said David Peacock, Hytrol President. "He has a tremendous amount of knowledge in the material handling industry, manufacturing, and engineering. He has worked with Hytrol products throughout the process, and his expertise in our markets and with our network will be invaluable in this endeavor."
Bonham has over 31 years of experience with the company.
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