Whiting’s technology transplant helps Tulsa Port of Catoosa achieve the best of both worlds for customers

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A total refurbishment and transplant of advanced materials handling technology into the 200-ton crane at the heart of operations of the Tulsa Port of Catoosa helped this major inland US port to continue to serve its existing users cost-efficiently while introducing radically expanded logistics capabilities for the future.
The Oklahoma Port – which typically handles more than 2.7 million tons of freight a year – is a major road, rail, and river intermodal shipping complex for U.S. and global companies, particularly those involved in agriculture, including wheat; steel; oil and industrial gas; mining products; and manufactured consumer goods.
The port is served by a sophisticated multi-hoist 200-ton bridge crane which had to be totally stripped and renovated. To ensure top performance and reliability, Whiting Corporation was selected to modernize the crane to the highest standards of safety and reliability as the centerpiece of the new port facilities created by the port over the last two years, including a new 720-ton dock on which the crane is located and 6,000 track feet (1,829m) of new rail.
Swift and thorough renewal of the crane was critical because port authorities expect the completion of expansion of the Panama Canal this year will provide new opportunities for container cargo to be delivered to the Port of New Orleans and onwards into the country’s inland waterway systems, of which the Tulsa Port of Catoosa is a major part.
Working closely with port staff, Whiting Services put in 46 consecutive 10-12 hour days, including weekends and Thanksgiving, to fulfil to complete the modernization project safely and on-time. 
Top priorities: to get the work done as safely and as efficiently as possible, while building in technologies and reliability that would serve the port for another 45 years to match the service life of the original dock loading facilities.
President Richard Nixon originally dedicated the port in June 1971. Since then it has been radically transformed into the state-of-the art facility which recently completed an $11.7 million dock project of which the refurbished crane is part
The versatile 100 ft. span double girder refurbished crane features two trolleys that each have a main and auxiliary hoist: one with a capacity of 100 Ton / 50 Ton and the other with a capacity of 100 Ton / 40 Ton. With lifting heights of over 90 feet, the crane is integral to tasks such as loading barges that can hold as many as 15 rail cars or 60 truckloads of cargo for maximum cost efficiency and minimal environmental impact. 
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