LODEM Releases New Equipment Standards

Monday, October 03, 2016

The Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturers (LODEM) Industry Group of MHI plays a key role in developing standards for the design, performance and proper operation of loading dock equipment. LODEM is proud to announce the release of several newly revised standards for Dock Levelers, Vehicle Restraining Devices, and Portable Dock Leveling Devices.  

These ANSI-approved standards represent recommended safety practices and performance testing criteria that may be used in product selection and utilization.  These standards provide guides to the responsibilities of designers, manufacturers, sellers, installers, owners, users and governing bodies of dock levelers.

Dock Levelers: This ANSI-approved standard (ANSI MH30.1-2015), Performance and Testing Requirements for Dock Leveling Devices represents recommended safety practices and performance testing criteria that may be used in product selection and utilization. 

Vehicle Restraining Devices: This ANSI-approved standard  (ANSI MH30.3-2015), Vehicle Restraining Devices: Performance and Testing defines performance and testing requirements for rear impact guard (RIG) type and wheel dependent type vehicle restraining devices.

Portable Dock Leveling Devices: This ANSI-approved standard ( ANSI MH30.2-2015), Performance and Testing of Portable Dock Leveling Devices defines performance and testing requirement for the design, use, and maintenance of portable dock leveling devices. 

To learn more about these resources and the LODEM Industry Group, please visit www.mhi.org/LODEM

The Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturers (LODEM) members are the Industry's leading suppliers of loading dock equipment. They supply solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.
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