LODEM Releases New Energy Savings Calculator

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Loading Dock Seal Energy Savings Calculator is an Energy Savings Estimation Tool for your warehouse. This interactive tool allows you to input data about your warehouse and will return estimated annual energy savings resulting from installing or replacing loading dock seals.  A properly designed dock seal can achieve up to 90% efficiency, while a dock shelter can achieve up to 70% efficiency. 
“The Seal Energy Calculator,” said Bob Hensel, Vice Chairman of LODEM, “offers unprecedented access to building owners, loading dock equipment dealers, and loading dock management to a sophisticated energy assessment tool that estimates the money to be saved by adding or replacing dock seals.”  
You no longer need to be a member of a select fraternity to have access to state of the art estimates of energy savings at the loading dock.  This Calculator developed exclusively for LODEM by an ASHRAE-member engineering firm, estimates annual financial savings for determining the payback period to recoup investment at the loading dock.  In many cases, energy savings pays for the cost of new seals in less than two years.  And, the Calculator is free to use.
The Seal Energy Calculator is intuitive and simple to use.  With only a handful of basic inputs the Seal Energy Calculator provides immediate results, which include savings for natural gas and electricity in terms of annual dollar savings and energy savings. 
To learn more about this resource and the LODEM Industry Group, please visit www.mhi.org/LODEM
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