PulseRoller: Compact Advanced Intelligent Conveyor Control for the Smallest of Spaces

ConveyLinx Ai2 and Senergy Ai for low-voltage conveyors debut at ProMat 2017, booth S4239

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ConveyLinx Ai2 and Senergy Ai are the latest innovations by PulseRoller, a brand name for a complete family of 24-volt DC, motorized drive roller products and controls for conveyor OEM, packaging OEM, and overall materials handling markets. ConveyLinx Ai2 controls the motions of modern materials handling systems from simple zero-pressure accumulation conveyor to complex packaging and machinery using precision repeatable linear motion. ConveyLinx Ai2 drives the powerful Senergy Ai Drive,  an advanced intelligent low-voltage, motorized-driven conveyor roller.
Compact Control with Fast Commissioning and Installation
ConveyLinx Ai2 is an extremely compact controller that can control nearly every motion used in conveyance applications. Its modular design over a common network media gives companies complete control over all decision points with a single Ethernet cable saving time in the field and during engineering.  
A zero pressure accumulation conveyor can be controlled by ConveyLinx Ai2 fully automated without a single PC or PLC. If a higher level of control is needed, a PC or PLC can be connected via Ethernet IP, ProfiNet, or Modbus over a single Ethernet cable. Although possible, it’s not required to have a PLC control in every zone; it simply requires a connection to the critical decision points in the conveyor system.
Advanced Intelligence--Latest Innovations  
Senergy Ai is the world’s first motor roller using a robust M8-4pin connection which quickly connects to a ConveyLinx Ai2 module. The hall-effect signals are digitally coded by a microcontroller inside the motor, which makes it possible to communicate through only one pin to an external controller. 
The microcontroller also digitally provides through the same pin the complete roller part number containing the diameter and gearbox information, serial number, motor temperature and other information. The external control can read and analyze all this data for multiple functions such as precise speed and positioning control, full diagnostics such as over-temp, over-current, over-voltage and many other predictive maintenance parameters. 
Repeatable motion at fractions of a millimeter
With advanced intelligence technology, the ConveyLinx Ai2 controller can drive the motor based on distance instead of time, giving users repeatable motion at a very fine resolution down to fractions of a millimeter.
A single ConveyLinx Ai2 controller can control up to two zones. Additional features of PulseRoller’s Senergy  Ai and ConveyLinx Ai2 include:
Two motor drives, two sensors, and configurable I/O points
Integral zero pressure accumulation
Built-in tracking data handling and flexible zone recognition
Robust M8 4pin motors and sensor connections
PulseRoller's new ConveyLinx AI2 controller combined with Senergy Ai motor rollers will be on display at ProMat 2017, April 3-7, 2017 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois Booth#: S4239.
About PulseRoller 
PulseRoller is the brand name for a family of 24-volt DC, motorized drive roller products and controls. For more information, contact by email at sales@insightautomation.cc, telephone at +1-859-647-1111, or visit http://www.pulseroller.com/contact/.
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