Monday, February 20, 2017

Stocking product on shelves is a time consuming process in retail environments. Using conventional stock carts, shopping carts or dollies for this task creates several problems:
  • Strain on workers due to repetitive motions, bending, lifting, stretching
  • Stacking boxes limits access to products being moved and adds more time to organize items
  • Product breakage can occur during transfer
  • Reduces safety for workers and customers
The Operations Department at Giant Eagle Supermarkets requested Bates Metal Products Inc and its partners  to create a solution in which plastic totes are used to restock the shelves. Parameters of the solution were to include a modular system to create a variety of configurations for use to restock products in Health and Beauty Aids, Spices, Candy. Category resets is also to be tested in 2017.
Several grocery chains are currently testing the units including an 11 store test of a major Drug Retailer.
The Stock-R Caddy is US Patent Pending. TheTote-Stock-R Caddy is available in 6 configurations as well as custom versions. A bag holder accessory is available to use the Caddy for order picking for online programs. They are designed for use with commercial storage totes already widely used in retail chains. 
All models can be shipped directly to a store by ground UPS or Fedex and are easily assembled by Team Members in in 20 minutes or less with tools provided with each kit. All models are designed with full rotation swivel wheels, allowing 360-degree rotation. Four and Six Tote models also have a center “pivot” wheel axle, allowing for more accurate maneuverability around tight spaces or around corners. Each tray holds one storage tote securely in place. All trays tilt to the left or right for easy visibility and access to items inside. This tilt function reduces the amount of lifting associated with stocking shelves and makes items accessible from either side of the cart. 
Using the Tote-Stock-R Caddy can minimize the time it takes to restock a department and increase efficiency.
Tony Sainato
Director of Product and Business Development, Bates Metal Products Inc.