Hänel Streamlines Delivery of Tools and Spare Parts for Metalworking Distributor

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pittsburgh, PA – March 8, 2017 – Hänel Storage Systems, a leader in the manufacture and integration of automated vertical storage units, has released a new case study for businesses that store large quantities of tools and spare parts.  This case study details how three Hänel Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Modules are used to store more than 10,000 inventory items.
Productivity Inc. in Minneapolis, MN is a single source distributor of machine tools, tooling accessories, robotics and spare parts for the metalworking industry.  Its Hänel Lean-Lifts® are equipped with multifunction containers, making them ideal for automated small parts storage.
The high-speed version of the Hänel Lean-Lift® quickly brings stored items to the retrieval area on request.  If the items needed for a particular order are located in various lift systems, picking performance can be boosted even more through parallel system operation.  Digital compartment and sub-level indicators allow storage positions in very small configuration layout patterns to be easily identified.
These features combine to ensure that orders are filled and shipped in record time – without errors.  Orders are filled directly opposite the system access points, where they are also packed for shipping.  Order confirmation is entered in the systems using barcode scanners.  Another Hänel Lean-Lift® located in a different area of the warehouse is also integrated in the storage solution.
About Hänel Storage Systems
Founded in Germany in 1953, Hänel’s North American headquarters has been located in Pittsburgh, PA since it was established in 1984.  Hänel Storage Systems specializes in the design and engineering of Rotomat® vertical storage carousels and Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Modules for a wide range of industries and applications.  Hänel provides sales, service and technical support to North and South America through a network of factory-trained channel partners and service providers.
Introduced in 1957, the Rotomat® Vertical Carousel is based on the Ferris Wheel principal.  Inventory is stored in a series of carriers that rotate within an enclosed unit and are accessed at a single opening.  This vertical “goods to the user” concept improves productivity, lowers costs, increases security and saves valuable floor space.
Introduced in 1994, the Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Module stores inventory on trays that are automatically measured for height each time they enter the unit. A vertical extractor places each tray within the unit in a location that maximizes available storage space.  Trays can be equipped with dividers, totes, bins and specialized holders to store any type of inventory.
For more information about Hänel products, visit www.hanel.us.
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