Monday, March 27, 2017

Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec - Leading North American manufacturer Wulftec® has just launched the new WRING-250: an affordable medium duty ring stretch wrapping system.
The WRING-250 combines proven and simple technology, good performance: 25 RPM, innovation: 30” carriage on a ring stretch wrapper, and affordability. For which applications should you consider the WRING-250? One-way wrap, to wrap individually stacked loads and cut the film between them, for banding applications where you need to cut between each bands and/or when floor space is limited and requires a smaller footprint. With regards to performance: wrapping a 72” high load, at 25 RPM, combined with 30” film and 60 FPM conveyor speed will get you in the range of 65+ loads per hour with 2 top / 2 bottom wraps – regular two way wrap. With the one way wrap configuration, you will reach 75+ loads per hour. 
Wulftec® is a world-leading manufacturer of packaging solutions: pallet stretch wrapping equipment, strapping equipment and pallet handling solutions.  Wulftec® based in Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec is part of M.J. Maillis Group, a leading European group manufacturing and distributing complete secondary packaging systems, machines & packaging materials in strapping, wrapping and case handling. 
Colinda Lavallee
Marketing Manager
Wulftec / M.J. Maillis

Priscille Tremblay, Sales Director

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