Cassioli presents ISAT at ProMat 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Torrita di Siena, ITALY, 27 March 2017 – On the occasion of ProMat 2017, Cassioli is proud to present its ISAT Satellite Warehouse. ISAT is a great solution for a wide range of business. It combines high performance, cost-effectiveness and significant improvement in storage density. This reduction in dimensions allow iSAT to be integrated in a huge range of existing structures.
The CASSIOLI iSAT pallet shuttle warehouse is specifically designed for high density storage. The shuttle can work in different racking configurations and be based on different storage logic. In the case of a semi-automatic system, the iSAT fleet can be managed by normal fork lift-trucks: operators deposit or retrieve load units at the end of the storage channels without the need to access “drive in” or “drive through “rack aisles. Otherwise, if a fully automated solution is required, the satellites, after having been transferred onto a stacker crane in each aisle, retrieve or deposit the load (ASRS system) based on the information communicated by the warehouse management system.
The CASSIOLI satellites are extremely compact and are designed using avant-garde technology in terms of mechanical functionality, data transfer and the energy efficiency of the battery. The iSAT devices interface directly with the management system and may be integrated with other automated handling systems, such as AGV, SLS vehicles or traditional handling systems. Data transfer is based on Wi-Fi technology, which means the control system can communicate missions, carry out diagnostics, monitor battery status and supervise operations, etc. remotely. 
  • Optimal conditions of a Satelite Warehouse are cha¬racterized by large volumes of pallets for each SKU code 
  • Ideal in areas where there is the need to keep the goods at controlled or low tem¬perature (food & beverage) 
  • Ability to compact pallet in the front or rear of the rack to the channels (both with remote control or management control system iWARE for fully automatic applications) 
  • Best operational performance: the forklift does not have to enter the channel because the pallet is moved quickly and automatically from the satellite 
  • Compatible with different pallet sizes 
  • Reduced risks for both operators and goods thanks to fully automatic handling 
  • System is characterized by low maintenance and can be adapted for existing drive-in facilities 
  • Ability to store different pallet widths in the same storage channel   
To learn more about CASSIOLI’s product range and turnkey solutions, visit our Booth N931 during ProMat 2017.
In the beginning, there was only a modest blacksmith’s shop. Today, a company that is a market leader in the field of handling and industrial automation, designing ingenious mechatronic and IT applications. Today, CASSIOLI is a modern and efficient company in the distribution and logistics sector due to the high-level technological value of its products and services and its solid internal structure, where each department contributes proactively to achieve full customer satisfaction.
CASSIOLI has never provided just plant design but is firmly committed to providing a wide range of services capable of ensuring coherence between the problem presented and the solution adopted. Modern material handling solutions cannot be simply limited to a graphical representation of the plant layout. Designing a layout means taking into consideration not just technical criteria, but also critical factors involving the organization of the distribution or manufacturing process as a whole. CASSIOLI technicians possess all the specific know-how and have at their disposal the most updated instruments and technologies to interpret customer needs accurately and efficiently.
As a Solution Provider for automated handling, CASSIOLI can effectively manage every stage of the design, installation, and post-sales service. Every activity is carried out in close collaboration with the customer, in order to fully interpret and satisfy customer needs. Our collaboration with Universities, research facilities and our own partners is an expression of our ongoing effort to stay up-to-date and our strong commitment to innovation. This is the only way to fully respond to ever changing market needs and to provide integrated logistics solution that effectively respond to specific requests. During initial “what if” studies and cost-benefit analyses to search for alternative solutions, CASSIOLI experts work at creating solutions that can guide customers towards the best possible investment choice.
To reach this goal, the study takes into account, in the greatest detail required for the purpose, all factors that contribute to the investment size. The feasibility study is composed of several, inter-connected parts, which lead to an overall plant project that defines the necessary technical and organizational choices.
CASSIOLI GROUP in the world…
Today, CASSIOLI has installed its products in various parts of the world and is an important resource for many large multinational companies interested in improving the efficiency of their production and distribution systems. To become really competitive in foreign markets, we implemented strategies focused on customer care on a local basis for all pre-and post-sale requirements. Thus, the CASSIOLI development plan was aimed at opening the business to and investing in foreign markets. This lead to the creation of additional company locations with independent design, production and sales & after sales Offices.
In addition, at our well-established plants of CASSIOLI BRAZIL and CASSIOLI POLAND we are glad to announce the new office of CASSIOLI USA located in the state of Alabama. Founded in 2009, CASSIOLI USA is a strategic point of the Tuscan group, capable of playing a key role in ensuring high standards of product and service to the markets of North America and Canada. For more information about CASSIOLI GROUP, its products and technology, as well as its turn-key solutions, please visit
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