New Warehouse Rack Safety Products Challenge Market with Low Cost, Simple Installation Value Proposition

Adrian’s Safety Solutions offers products to ensure warehouses are fire code compliant and workers are protected.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Adrian’s Safety Solutions’ new line of rack safety products offers benefits ranging from back-of-the-rack push-through prevention to front-of-the-rack solutions for pick-and-pack operations. These pallet rack strap and safety netting products offer employers the ability to protect employees and goods as well as be compliant with longitudinal flue space requirements (National Fire Protection Association, NFPA code 230).
According to NFPA code, the flue space in between warehouse racking arrays must be kept clear. Adrian’s Safety Solutions recently introduced this line of low-cost and easy-to-deploy rack safety products designed to keep pallet rack flue space clear. Many insurance companies are requiring that a safety system be put into place to satisfy the fire code regulation. 
In addition to pressure from insurance companies, safety officers want to prevent pallet push-through so that adjacent pallets or cartons are not pushed onto workers in a separate aisle. In either scenario, warehouse managers have faced purchasing expensive rack protection systems which are difficult to install.
Though their original product line features fleet cargo restraint systems, the rack safety product line was born out of a fleet customer with a warehouse need to prevent pallet push-through. 
“We have been controlling moving cartons and pallets for more than 20 years with our cargo restraint line, so we figured we could come up with a solution for stationary pallets that was just as effective,” said Steve Dew, president of Adrian’s Safety Solutions. 
Warehouse Safety Product Information:
Adrian’s rack safety products are made from high-tenacity webbing and feature specially designed hardware that can be attached to the existing pallet rack upright within seconds – no retrofitting needed. 
Rack Safety Straps are mounted to the back of the rack and act as a barrier to prevent pallets from pushing through into the flue space. The Fixed Rack Safety Net adds yellow mesh to the super-strong webbing and hardware for the rack back as well. 
The Sliding Rack Safety Net is designed for the front of the bay to protect work areas and allow for safe and easy pick-and-pack operations. 
In 2016, two new products were introduced: the Catch Net, a modular safety netting system designed for walkway/work area protection, and the Rack Safety Cable, designed specifically for retail environments that use pallet racking displays, which keeps product from tipping into the aisle and potentially causing injury to shoppers. 
Now Available for Structural and Schaefer Rack Systems:
The rack safety connection hardware was originally designed for teardrop-style rack uprights, but fits many other styles. At last year’s Modex show, the demand from those with Schaefer and structural racking for a hardware-fitting solution was so great that we have now designed a connection that functions perfectly for those styles of uprights.
Safety Made Simple:
President Steve Dew says the company tagline, Safety Made Simple, speaks for itself. “We’ve always had the mission to advance safety measures in the workplace at a reasonable price. Rack safety solutions do not have to be complicated or expensive to work effectively, and the feedback we’ve received so far is that our products actually work better than more expensive, traditional products.”
About Adrian’s Safety Solutions:
Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., Adrian’s Safety Solutions is a division of Adrian’s, Inc. Its mission is to make the workplace safer by engineering affordable solutions that center on safety and simplicity of use, always with the end-user in mind. For more information about Adrian’s Safety Solutions visit
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