Power Designers Sibex Partners with Romeo Power to Create New Innovative Modular Lithium Batteries

Friday, March 31, 2017

March 23, 2017 (Madison, WI)- Power Designers was the first to design and develop modular high frequency chargers and continues offering its customers power solutions. Power Designers Sibex now provides lithium ion batteries as part of your total material handling solution. The partnership between Power Designers Sibex and Romeo Power offers customers a complete lithium battery and charger package.
The new PD LiTHIUM battery offers an efficient and productive power alternative, with extended run times and excellent charging capabilities. “Power Designers Sibex is looking for more advanced and efficient material handling solutions for its customers. Many of our customers require a reliable battery and charger combination.” says Dan Crowley, Senior Vice President of Power Designers Sibex “The new PD LiTHIUM battery reinforces our commitment to our customers by offering a solution that is efficient and environmentally friendly.”
With PD LiTHIUM you have a maintenance free battery. PD LiTHIUM does not contain water or acid, so it solves the lead acid battery problems of cleaning, watering, toxic and hazardous chemicals that pollute the environment.
The PD LiTHIUM batterys only takes up to 4 hour to fully charge compared to 6 to 12 hours for conventional batteries, which means reduced downtime and no need for extra batteries. In addition, the trucks perform at 100% throughout the entire discharge cycle and can be recharged at any time. PD LiTHIUM batteries do not require cooling down between charging or time for equalization. With exceptional charging efficiency, the PD LiTHIUM battery allows operators to spend more time moving products, and less time charging.
The condition of a battery is monitored by its built-in management system, and it can be charged easily and quickly. Each battery has a central processing unit or battery monitoring system that controls each cell, module and the battery.
PD LiTHIUM offers a battery solution that has zero deterioration, higher capacity, greater cycle life, the ability to work at very low temperatures, safer working conditions, reduced total lifetime costs and the ability to be opportunity charge quickly thus increasing productivity. The partnership between Romeo Power and Power Designers Sibex will give customers a complete lithium battery and charger package, providing superior performance and value.
About Romeo Power
Romeo Power is an energy design and manufacturing powerhouse. Our cutting-edge industrial battery systems deliver high energy density in the most efficient manner. Based in Los Angeles, CA our management team includes former SpaceX, Faraday, and Tesla engineers bringing a proven track of battery innovation, safety and performance. For more information visit www.romeopower.com.
About Power Designers Sibex
Power Designers Sibex is a leading manufacturer and developer of industrial battery charging solutions used in electric material handling equipment. Power Designers was the first to develop modular chargers and continues to develop innovation material handling solutions. Power Designers Sibex provides battery chargers for lithium, lead acid and tubular batteries as well as charger accessories and battery monitoring software designed to enhance battery performance while providing customers with cost savings through energy efficiency, reduced capital costs, and improved labor productivity. Power Designers Sibex is positioned to be your total motive power system solution provider. For more information visit www.powerdesigners.com.
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