RWM Creates 3” Heavy Duty Installable Brake

Friday, March 31, 2017

Based off our highly popular ICWB brake, RWM is pleased to introduce the MICWB brake for 3” wide wheels. Available in 6, 8 & 10” sizes for our 75 & 76 series U.S. manufactured Kingpinless casters this brake is capable of handling high temperature and more abusive industrial applications.
In 2016 RWM released the smaller 2” wide version of the MICWB to offer additional field installable brake options. The 3” MICWB is made in the U.S.A. with heavy duty formed steel and an aluminum pedal. The pedal rotates a metal pad, which locks the wheel in place.
About RWM Casters
RWM Casters is proud to be known as the original inventor of Kingpinless Casters, one of the most emulated casters in the industry today. RWM Casters has been committed to providing the highest quality industrial caster wheel and material handling products. We offer a large range of medium and heavy duty caster and have the capabilities to manufacture many custom products for you applications. 
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