Award-Winning Warehouse Lighting Solution to Exhibit at ProMat 2017.

Foreverlamp to demonstrate how to use LED Lighting as a cost-savings strategy to reduce warehouse expenses.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Foreverlamp™, an innovator in high power, high lumen lighting, announces that it will be a first-time exhibitor at ProMat 2017 on April 3-6, 2017 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Foreverlamp will share with ProMat Show attendees their award-winning LED lighting solutions designed specifically to provide dramatic cost and energy savings by replacing HID high bay lighting. Foreverlamp products are key to creating efficiencies in sustainable warehouse, retail, recreational and commercial operations. These advanced LED lighting solutions enable customers to re-use their existing lighting fixtures in an eco-friendly manner by simply replacing a light bulb. Each lamp is designed to work with the existing magnetic ballast and sockets and doesn’t require any re-wiring, reconfiguration and/ or contractors to install. Installation simply involves, unscrewing the existing Metal Halide lamp and replacing it with a Foreverlamp.

Foreverlamp is one of the industry’s largest manufacturers focused specifically on providing plug and play LED solutions for high lumen lighting. They were the first in the industry to introduce a 1000W and 400W plug-n-play Metal Halide replacement lamp. These powerful LED lamps deliver up to 52,000 lumens at 470 watts providing the most powerful replacement lamp lumen package available in the industry today. Foreverlamp’s HB™ Series High-Bay LED fixtures were designed to provide an energy efficient, lightweight, yet powerful “Big Lumen” high-bay that is ideal for either fixture replacement or new construction.

“There is a strong demand to retrofit HID fixtures to LED. This upgrade allows the customer to save approximately 60% in energy reductions and maintenance costs and reduce their overall carbon footprint,” commented Jim Sekinger, President and COO of Foreverlamp, Inc. “We are a unique provider in the fact that we offer a variety of versatile and affordable solutions for both new and retrofit construction. Our DLC approved HB Series™ provides a high power, energy savings high-bay solution featuring our award-winning LED lamps. Our Foreverlamp™ LED

Retrofit Lamp Series™ can retrofit existing MH and HPS lamps that use magnetic ballasts with the simple replacement of a lamp. Our powerful solutions provide a big advantage for building owners and warehouse managers that are looking to minimize cost and maximize results.”

Plug & Play LED Lamp Solutions
Known for “Big Lumen Lighting”, the Los Angeles-based manufacturer, is the only manufacturer that offers both 1000W and 400W MH plug-n-play replacement lamp solutions. The advanced 1000W retrofit LED solution, the RS Series, is designed to replace 750W and 1000W Metal Halide lamps providing up to 52,000 lumens. The 1000W lamp offers the highest lumen package in the industry and delivers 52,000 lumens with a CRI of 83 in 5000K. The Foreverlamp Retrofit Series also consists of the GS, PS and HS Series that offer versatile lumen outputs from 18,000 to 27,000 that are compatible with 400W through 175W pulse and probe start ballasts. The GS Series comes standard as a bi-directional uplight / downlight for high output applications with a versatile range of 9,900 lumens to 24,000 lumens. The PS Series delivers a smaller, yet powerful form factor with up to 21,000 lumen outputs and available in both standard and high output. The entire Foreverlamp Retrofit Series are designed for use with any open fixture with lamp life expected to exceed 50,000 hours and features a standard 5-year warranty.

HB Series – High Bay Luminaires with award-winning lamp technology.
Foreverlamp’s DLC Approved LED HB Series™ high-bay fixtures are designed specifically to replace a 400W HID fixture delivering value, performance, and over 60% savings on energy costs compared to MH and HPS systems. By utilizing the latest advancements in solid state technology and product innovation, Foreverlamp designed an energy efficient, lightweight, yet powerful “Big Lumen” high-bay. It is available with a choice of lumen packages from 18,000 to 27,000 lumens and comes with a high-efficiency LED driver. In addition to being DLC approved, the HB Series™ fixtures are also UL and CE listed.
These products can be seen during ProMat 2017 on April 3-6, 2017 at Booth #N1111. For a complete listing of Foreverlamp products, visit

About Foreverlamp - the Big Lumen Lighting Company™
Foreverlamp is an LED Lighting manufacturer that specializes in Big Lumen™ plug-n-play technology. Foreverlamp designs, engineers and manufactures LED lamps and fixtures specifically for replacing HID high bay lighting. Our products are designed for life, delivering the highest quality when it comes to luminance, light temperature, energy saving, longevity, dimming possibilities and aesthetics.
With beautifully designed and reliable products, Foreverlamp offers long lasting and energy-saving lighting solutions that stand the test of time. Foreverlamp LED products save up to 50% of the energy used by other types of HID lamps, while providing many more features such as instant on/off and better quality of light. Our products are the ideal retrofit solution for companies of all sizes and operations that are concerned with energy savings and facility maintenance. Our products can be found in big box national retail stores, sound studios, warehouses, auto dealerships, gymnasiums and many more facilities across the country helping to lower facility operating costs, positively impact employee productivity and achieve sustainability goals.

Founded in 2010 by Peter S. Shen, former president of Philips Lighting and Electronics Group, Foreverlamp is headquartered in Torrance, CA. with regional offices in Beijing, Taipei and Tokyo. Foreverlamp has quickly become a leader in the LED retrofit and high-bay luminaire market and is the is the first lighting company to offer a plug and play lamp options of 17,000 through 28,500 lumens as a replacement for a 400w metal halide or high pressure sodium HID bulbs and the first company to offer a 45,000 and 52,000 lumen LED lamps as a replacement for 1000W metal halide. No re-wiring or ballast by-pass is required. Saving energy is as easy as changing a light bulb when using Foreverlamp products.

Jim Sekinger

CFW Marketing Communications
Cindy Foster-Warthen