Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Moorestown, NJ—April 3, 2017—OPEX® Corporation, a leader in warehouse automation, announced the release of Perfect Pick® HD, their latest innovation of unique, robotic goods-to-person order picking technologies for warehouses and distribution centers. The HD in Perfect Pick stands for “High Density,” storing custom totes two-deep on either side of the aisle. 
New features of Perfect Pick HD include:
  • Twice the storage density provides a smaller footprint with greater flexibility to slot items across a warehouse 
  • 80 lb. capacity of the iBOT allows for heavier payloads
  • Over-Height Detect eliminates jams due to overflowing totes
  • Integrated Pick-to-Light workstation streamlines picking operation and reduces latencies
Perfect Pick HD operates on a single automated component, the iBOT®, same as its companion, Perfect Pick, but has been enhanced to deliver heavier payloads – up to 80 lbs. The patented iBOT is a wireless, robotic delivery vehicle which navigates along an integrated track system to retrieve, store and sort inventory items quickly and accurately. iBOTs are powered by highly efficient onboard ultracapacitors which recharge as the iBOT moves through the system. OPEX traffic control software monitors the position of all iBOTs and directs their movements for maximum efficiency and throughput. With the ability to move horizontally and vertically, iBOTs are able to move across 100% of the storage and sort locations in their aisle. 
Perfect Pick HD is engineered for scalability and flexibility– iBOTs can be added or removed from the integrated track system in a matter of minutes without disrupting ongoing operations. This ability to add and remove iBOTs from the system provides maximum flexibility to adjust to ever-changing order fulfillment demands and operating environments.
According to Dave Stevens, Chief Executive Officer at OPEX Corporation, “Perfect Pick HD is a natural extension of Perfect Pick.  With twice the storage capacity and an ability to deliver greater payloads with the same functional throughput, Perfect Pick HD addresses an existing need in the marketplace. OPEX is leading the industry by providing the most scalable and reliable warehouse automation systems for organizations of all sizes. We continue to innovate and help customers reimagine what productivity can look like in their warehouses, with minimum effort and risk.” 
OPEX Corporation is a recognized global leader providing state-of-the-art warehouse automation technologies, document imaging platforms, and high-speed mailroom automation. Since 1973, OPEX systems have provided performance enhancing workflow solutions and cost-effective results to thousands of organizations worldwide.  Today, OPEX systems deliver profitability and efficiency in a variety of settings around the world, including fulfillment operations, distribution centers, financial services, healthcare, government, utilities, service bureaus, insurance, and educational institutions. For more information visit, www.opex.com.
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