Beacon Bear Claw Dock Truck Restraints Can Help Lower Insurance Premiums

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A leading supplier in the loading dock industry, Beacon provides Truck Restraints that can assist in reducing accidents at the dock and also reduce insurance premium costs, consult with your insurance advisor for available insurance discounts. Beacon designed one of the first electrical-mechanical restraints back in 1984 named the Bear Claw.  As a second design the Bear Claw Manual Truck Restraint was a thin design that allowed for more maneuverability at the dock area, US Patent 5388947.  This thin design allowed for easy removal of snow and ice when necessary.  Since then restraints across the industry have become an important part in dock safety.  These units are designed to attach by floating with the ICC bar of the tractor trailer, preventing a truck from departing too soon.  This helps reduce the accidental drive away of a tractor trailer while a forklift or dock worker is still inside the trailer.  
Throughout the years the industry has changed and so do the designs of the Trailer Restraints.  Today, Beacon offers the BMVR Manual Restraint Series and the BEVR Electric-Mechanical Truck Restraint Series.  The BMVR Series is a manual push rod operation, while the BEVR Series is an electric push button, 115 volt, 1 phase operation.  Traffic signal dock lights are available for the inside and outside, to advise when it is safe to enter the truck or depart and drive away from the loading dock area.  Driver warning signs are standard.  Each unit is designed with 50,000 lbs. of restraint draw pull.  
Manual and electric dock restraints are designed to be used with a dock bumper projection of 4” to 6”.  A larger dock bumper projection, including the 15” edge of dock leveler bumper, will require the block-out option.  This option will allow the restraint and hook to extend further out from the dock wall so the hook will attached to the ICC bar of the trailer.  If the dock approach has a 6% or larger declined approach, the block-out is necessary for the hook to attach to the ICC bar.    
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