Friday, September 22, 2017

Economical disposable Pallets B100ACM, available in 3500 static / 2200 dynamic or 4000 static / 3000 lbs. dynamic capacities, allowing for applications in bulk packaging and shipping when pallets are not returned.  This Export Pallet is made of ACM advanced composite material which meets the high production standard for ISO 9001:2000. Products are tested regularly in accordance with relevant elements of the standard ISO 8611. Conforms to ISPM 15 regulation. 
Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Beacon in the material handling industry. As one example, a company that has purchased pallets from Beacon is a leading food service supplier for cooking sprays, liquids, garlic mist, egg wash, bread spray, olive oil and odor eliminators.  Their research and development team continuously monitors trends and emerging ingredient technologies. 
This Beacon B100 & B120 models are resistant to insects, bacteria, and fungi; impervious to acids, fats, and solvents; and neutral to odors and tastes. Each unit contains a supplement to protect against UV-radiation and does not absorb water. Inert to infestation, mold or mildew, easy to clean with a hygienic design and can be ideal pallets for hurricane relief shipments.
Different pallet designs and materials are available to meet the budget of shipping pallets in one direction only, not expecting them to return. These economical non-returning pallets are made of recycled plastic and designed with a short life span. 
B100 Dim: 48”x 40”x 5.2” (1219 x 1016 x 132 mm) Weight: 11.0 lbs.(stack 78) (Truckload 2340).
B120 Dim: 48”x 40”x 5.5” (1219 x 1016 x 140 mm) Weight: 17.5 lbs. (stack 18) (Truckload 540).
Consistently accurate dimensionally, Color: Black.
Low Cost Plastic Pallet Models
B100 Nestable: yes (saves on storage & shipping costs).
B100 Stackable: no  
B100 Rackable: no  
B120 Nestable: no
B120 Stackable: yes
B120 Rackable: no
Destination: Captive and Export
Airfreight: yes
ISPM-15 Exempt: yes
Food Grade: Yes, non-FDA (Suitable for packaged food items, not approved for direct food contact).
Pharmaceutical: Yes
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