Caster Concepts' Popular Motor-Powered Caster Now Comes Fully Equipped and Ready to Use

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Albion, Michigan -  When Caster Concepts Inc. first unveiled the Drive Caster™, the industry's first motorized industrial steel drive caster two years ago, it marked a significant advancement in the design and development of heavy equipment casters.
Not only did the company create the first-ever motor-powered industrial steel drive caster unit that could be added to dollies, moving walls, turntables, platforms, and other machinery to move up to 5,000 pounds, the Drive Caster™ served another essential purpose - reducing the risk of workplace injuries.
Today, Caster Concepts unveils two Drive Caster packages - kits that come with all the necessary components to start using immediately. The Drive Caster™ with a ½-horse power motor features eight-inch diameter wheels, AC and DC power options and a variety of control units. The Drive Caster™ with a ¼-horse power motor has six-inch and eight-inch diameter wheels, AC and DC power options and a variety of control units.
The Drive Caster™ ( can be used in any application and in any industry, from automotive to aerospace, warehousing to distribution. Adding a second Drive Caster™ doubles the caster load capacity that can be moved, and enables tank-style steering, where each industrial drive caster pushes in opposite directions to turn.
And by making heavy equipment loads easy to move, Caster Concepts has eliminated the need for manual pushing or pulling, reducing the risk of injury and the need for multiple operators.
"Now our customers don't have to shop around for the components to make the Drive Caster™work for them. All they have to do is unpack the box, attached unit and flip the switch.
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