Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Improve plant safety and efficiency with Steel Pipe Guards.  Reduce cost associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims and building repairs due to accidental collisions. 
Beacon now offers different colors and wall thicknesses to the Pipe Guards to protect your facility inside and out. Eliminate damage to electrical, plumbing and mechanical equipment.  Pipe Guards provide a valuable solution for protecting your personnel from injury, including your facility from damage to crucial water and power supply lines along with mechanical lines. 
Powder Coat colors are now available in Safety Yellow, Gloss Orange, Blue Ribbon, Black and Hot Dipped Galvanized.
Constructed of solid steel. Standard 3/16” Model BPGWM236 pipe guard is rated with a load condition given a 2,500 lb. vehicle traveling 5 mph with only a .0783 inches deflection.  Thicker pipe guards are available.  
Standard Pipe Guard designs covers 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 inch pipe sizes. Special sizes are available upon request. A standard flange is used to mount to flat walls and a 45 degree flange is used to mount to exterior corner walls.  Ideal for industrial applications and parking garages. 
Many fortune 500 companies and international companies rely on Beacon in the material handling industry. As one example, Job Event ID: BE-11052: A leading worldwide hotel chain in Waikiki Beach has purchased pipe guards from Beacon, five-minute walk from the glittering sandy beaches that made Waikiki famous, purchased Beacon’s steel Pipe Guards to help protect the water pipe system located in their hotel parking garage.
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