Flexcon's new 4845 stackable Pallet with lip

Friday, November 10, 2017

Flexcon is pleased to announce its new and improved heavy duty 48 x 45 stackable 6 runner pallet with lip!
This pallet is 35% stronger than our last version.
Its durable one piece construction helps achieve 3,000 lbs. dynamic capacity, 20,000 lbs. static capacity.
4 way forklift entry. It is high pressure molded for increased durability & strength. Improved deck substantially reduces deflection under load.
Ideal for in-house, closed loop and export applications. These pallets can be sanitized with water or steam making them safe & sanitary for storage and shipping. These pallets are 100% recyclable and fit 468 per trailer.
Flexcon Container
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Flexcon Container

Kenneth Beckerman, Product Manager

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