Beacon Bear Claw Gantry Crane Reduces Worker Fatigue

Monday, November 27, 2017

Gantry Cranes are ideal for applications where workers perform large amounts of lifting items.  A gantry crane is designed to be moved from one location to another. Once positioned at the lift staging area the gantry crane is an ergonomic way to raise and lower products assisting in preventing worker related fatigue.  
Beacon ® Bear Claw ® gantry cranes are available in either steel or aluminum construction. The steel units have a lifting capacity range of 2,000 lbs. up to 10,000 lbs. The aluminum units have a capacity lifting capacity of 2,000 up to 6,000 lbs.  The steel units are available with a minimum length of 5’ up to a length of 16’-1”.  The aluminum units are available with a minimum length of 5’ up to a length of 12’-2”.  Height adjustments are available for both units in 6” increments.  8” Four-way position swivel lock phenolic casters are standard. 
The steel units are more commonly used inside of buildings. Steel units usually require the assistance of a forklift during assembly. Once they are assembled they typically stay assembled. The advantage of the steel gantry unit is the building does not assume the load as in a building bridge crane. The aluminum units included the advantage of light weight and ideal for the harshest environments, are also used inside of buildings in addition to outside in the field.  Aluminum units are easy and quick to erect by staff personnel. Example: aluminum gantry cranes can be loaded on a military C-130 aircraft to be deployed for quick erection to be utilized in remote areas.  Another application may include lifting to a roof top staging area to position, mount and install a commercial air conditioner unit.   
Trolleys and hoists are sold separately. Aluminum Gantry Crane options include total locking casters, pneumatic locking casters, V-groove wheels, and a come-a-long for height adjustment.  Optional pneumatic tire casters are also ideal for the outside or inside applications.  The gantry crane with the pneumatic tire option has a max capacity of 1500 lbs. total. The pneumatic caster gantry cranes are designed to move from one workstation to another, rolling over smooth and rough surfaces.  The four way locking pneumatic casters allow the worker to position the gantry crane in the work area and lock its position for lifting and lowering procedures.  Cranes are not designed to move from one staging area to another when loaded. 
The Beacon ® brand was established in 1949 and has a wide range of experience in most all lifting applications.  While competitively priced for gantry cranes, Beacon ® boasts of the diversity of providing special size gantry cranes as well.  Providing a range of sizes and capacities are one of many Beacon’s strengths.  
Beacon ® was requested the task and provided an aluminum gantry crane with pneumatic casters to a trading company in Houston, TX specializing in Wholesale Oil Field Equipment. Event ID: BE-8793. Many Fortune 500 companies have been relying on Beacon ® brand for the knowledge of variety of gantry crane applications for decades and Beacon ® welcomes your standard or special requirements.  
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