Tompkins Emerging Technology Center

See live demonstrations of the latest in Robotics, The Connected Warehouse™, and more.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Come see the newly innovated and updated Tompkins Emerging Technology Center (ETC). See live demonstrations of the latest in Robotics, The Connected Warehouse, and more.  Learn how MonarchFx works and benefits companies and customers. 
Tompkins Robotics has joined forces with Lab Z to introduce an innovative material handling sortation system, named t-Sort. t-Sort technology uses free-moving, independent robots to replace conveyors, sorters, and tilt trays. It provides efficiency moving along a direct path, better space utilization, modular capabilities with the ability to add and reduce robots at any time giving great flexibility, fast startups from only six to eight months, and a higher ROI due to low investment cost, lower headcount, and reduction in required space. t-Sort can be used in small, medium, and large fulfillment centers, supplementing exiting sites and backrooms.   
Also, our partner RightHand Robotics, a leading piece-picking provider, will be a part of the live demonstration. RightHand Robotics proprietary solution, RightPick, combines vision and machine-learning software with smart grippers that enable the robots to handle thousands of items, gathering data from each pick to improve performance. This makes the robots uniquely capable of performing induction onto t-Sort. A picking robot will be positioned at the induction station. As t-Sort pulls up to the induction station, the RightHand robot will pick a unit from a bin and place it onto the tray of t-Sort. Significant advancements in vision technology by RightHand have now made robotic piece-picking commercially viable.   
The Connected Warehouse is powered by SensorThink. SensorThink is the first digital platform built for the demands of the warehouse. Every piece of digital information generated in the warehouse can be collected, processed, archived, and analyzed, allowing one to manage material handling automation, security, HVAC, lighting, lift trucks, and maintenance systems in a way never before possible. SensorThink’s cloud machine learning and cross platform analytics engine allows you to view and analyze this information within the building or across the distribution network. For the first time, SensorThink ties all of the elements of production, performance, and execution into one platform. 
Tuesday, February 20th & Wednesday February 21st 
9:00 am demonstration & tour of the ETC 
10:30 am live presentation with Q&A   
11:30 am onsite interviews    
Come either day to learn about the latest technology available to enhance,  build, and complete an advanced, smart, and efficient supply chain. 
About MonarchFx
MonarchFx is the coming together of world class supply chain and logistics companies with world class sellers of products to form a reinvented logistics ecosystem that is new, smart, and innovative. MonarchFx offers a local automated fulfillment network and local/regional final delivery services at a competitive price, providing great customer service. The vision of MonarchFx is to be the preferred direct-to-consumer logistics provider, operating with the lowest cost, while delivering the highest levels of customer service, and providing superior value for MonarchFx sellers. The mission of MonarchFx is to create, build, and manage a substantial logistics ecosystem that establishes MonarchFx partners to become the preferred unichannel logistics solution in the United States. For more information about MonarchFx, visit:
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A supply chain consulting and implementation firm that maximizes supply chain performance and value creation. We enable clients to be more profitable and valuable, while also becoming more agile, flexible, and adaptive to the marketplace. Tompkins collaborates with client teams to develop improved operations strategies, supply chain planning, and execution across all the Mega Processes of supply chains (PLAN-BUY-MAKE-MOVE-DISTRIBUTE-SELL). Tompkins is headquartered in Raleigh, NC and has offices throughout North America and in Europe and Asia.  For more information, visit:
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