Rise Above with R&M

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

R&M Materials Handling, Inc, manufacturer of crane packages, components, electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists, recently underwent a very thorough rebranding project. Through this project, interviews were conducted with some of their customers to get a better understanding of their thoughts on who R&M is as a company. This project was concluded after the successful development of a new logo, tagline and brand video.

After launching a new website in early 2018, R&M decided to move forward with the rebranding project. The following is a description of the logo. 

The arrow, which is also a R, illustrates the upward motion of a hoist. The R is accompanied by the letter M, which is made up of the three different colored triangles. Three different colors were chosen to represent the M for the company’s three cornerstones; those being their employees, their innovative products and sales tools, and their distribution network.

Replacing Innovation Performance Reliability, Rise Above has meaning behind it that relates not only to their customers, but also to their employees. Jim Vandegrift, President of R&M, describes the two meanings in the release of their brand video.  He states, “The first meaning is an internal meaning of how we continue to strive for innovation, for industry leading customer service, and that’s part of how we separate and differentiate ourselves from our competition. I think the external meaning is providing our distributors with a competitive advantage through the use of our products and sales tools. And I think that helps them Rise Above their competition.”

The new logo is being introduced across their product offerings, communications and online resources over the coming months. 

To learn more about how you can Rise Above with R&M’s vast product offeringsvisit rmhoist.com.