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Friday, October 19, 2018

A major supplier of guard rails and other protective barriers, Beacon Industries Inc. prides itself on providing industrial steel guards for warehouses, parking garages, distribution facilities and other industrial sites. These barriers are designed to protect personnel, buildings and capital equipment from vehicle and fork truck damage. 
Beacon offers a wide variety of sizes and designs to meet industrial requirements for inside or outside the building. The BGR series is designed with lengths from 36” to 144”. Models that measure 36” to 96” long require 2 mounting posts, while models that measure over 108” long require 3 mounting posts for a secure installation. Units feature one, two or three high rail systems for different applications.
When specifying these units please be aware that mounting posts are sold separately. Tubular mounting posts are manufactured for continuous or perpendicular rail mounting. The BGR series comes standard with slotted mounting holes that measure ¾” x 2-1/2” for quick and easy installation. Posts are concrete floor mounted using the anchor kit which is also sold separately. These guard rails are designed to overlap so users can combine them for special length requirements. Please note to deduct 5” when overlapping guard rail on a shared post for a continuous run. 
Industrial Guard Rails are either hot dipped galvanized or powder coated yellow. It is important to specify the type of finish and the environment when ordering. Black and yellow caution safety tape is standard on each guard rail for easy visibility. Mounting posts feature steel construction with a yellow powder coat finish for a tough and durable finish. These units are engineered with a safety capacity rated for 4,000 lbs. at 4 mph.  
Guard Rail options are designed to make guard rails applicable for most requirements. Model BGR-SP which is a spring post that measures 24” high. Models “BGR-TP” are tubular mounting posts available in different heights, each supplied with a 10” x 10” base plate which accommodates 1, 2 or 3 guard rail levels. The BGR-TP-ADJBKT adjustable mounting brackets are available to adjust guard rails from 0 to 90 degrees and can attach to any guard rail. BGR-CAP are plastic end caps available in either yellow or grey. These end caps add 3” to the length. Also available as options are buffer and flared guards which are designed to be bolted at the end of the galvanized guard rails. 
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