EMH Motorized Low Headroom End Trucks Heighten Crane Capabilities, Control Speed & Keep Things Clean

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

EMH AL System Aluminum Cranes with motorized Low Headroom End Trucks provide ideal solutions for modern test rooms.
When a machinery manufacturer making microchips needed a device to precisely position parts in a clean room test situation, the EMH AL System™ Aluminum Crane with motorized Low Headroom End Trucks provided the ideal solution.  
The ceiling clearance was 11-foot 10-inches. With a stooled-up EMH bridge and the top of the crane system at 11-foot 7 inches, the EMH crane was able to easily clear every test machine in the room. Then, by adding the motorized radio-controlled option, the manufacturer could easily maneuver every pick-and-place action and control all functions between stations in the room by hand.
The local EMH dealer handled the installation. AL System Cranes readily accommodate numerous applications with capacities up to 2,200 pounds. Using lightweight aluminum track profiles, an AL-System Crane with Ultra Low Headroom End Trucks is durable and aesthetic, blending in well with modern test rooms. Anodized aluminum extrusions and enclosed rails maximize strength and are easy to clean. The manufacturer especially liked this feature for its totally sealed climate controlled clean room, a test room where employees are required to wear protective clothing from head to toe. Plus, with its freestanding front-ramp-post design, the installer was able to place columns in the exact positions the manufacturer needed to accommodate room layout and ceiling height.
Since completion, the customer could not be more pleased with the installation. The machine manufacturer has already contracted for a second EMH AL System.
EMH, Inc.

Darryl L. Kozel, Marketing Manager

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