Ultra Low Headroom End Trucks Heighten EMH Crane Capabilities

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

AL-System Cranes with Ultra Low Headroom End Trucks are ideal for modern test facilities and clean rooms. 
When architects design quality control test rooms and laboratories, they typically do it with an office design approach. They frequently overlook the need for transporting heavy parts between stations. Several things are at odds. Designers are faced with low ceilings, high machinery and realize that fork trucks are not an option. They need overhead workstation cranes in tight spaces, with bridges positioned between lower dropped ceilings and high machinery.
With new Ultra Low Headroom End Trucks and AL System™ Cranes, Engineered Material Handling (EMH) solves the problem. With most workstation cranes, bridges hang below the runway. Consequently, the distance between the support steel and hoist trolley takes up about 30 inches. With new EMH Low Profile End Trucks, you can now raise the bridge within 3 inches of the overhead obstruction, which positions the pin on the trolley about a foot to 13 inches from the height obstruction. Low dropped ceilings no longer present a problem because the bottom of the bridge easily clears the top of most test machinery.
Handling Concepts, located in Akron, Ohio, was one of the first EMH distributors to sell this AL System modification. Using lightweight aluminum track profiles, AL System Cranes already accommodate many applications with capacities up to 2,200 pounds. With anodized aluminum extrusions and enclosed rails to maximize strength, AL-System Cranes with Ultra Low Headroom End Trucks are durable and aesthetic, blending in well with modern test rooms. With a stainless steel component option, they are ideal for clean rooms. Designers can also specify single or double girder configurations and motorized versions.
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Darryl L. Kozel, Marketing Manager

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