EuroSorts New Cross Tray Sorter

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Owings Mills, Maryland, 02-14-2019 — This year’s ProMat trade show is a very exciting one. EuroSort will introduce an industry disrupting unit sorter: The Cross Tray Sorter. This sorter was developed to address the technology gap for high-speed handling of fragile, lightweight, or non- conveyable items. Are you just as excited as we are? Come visit EuroSort during the ProMat trade show in Chicago, Booth S3627 to learn more.
With the rise of e-commerce, customers are increasingly ordering more non-conveyable and more difficult to handle products. Industries like health and beauty, sporting equipment, pharmaceutical, have historically had to process their non-conveyable products manually, leading to increased labor costs and mounting human errors. Until now...
EuroSort has developed our Cross Tray Sorter (CTS) to handle just these types of items; items that no other tray sorter in the industry can handle. The carriers on our CTS Sorter are enclosed at all four sides, which makes sure that even extremely light or round items can be handled with ease. This new CTS Sorter diverts items to both sides using a mechanically driven cleated belt, which allows for a positive push off the tray. Unlike similar technologies, on the CTS sorter, items will always be diverted to the correct location regardless of weight, shape, or surface type.
In short, this new sorter fills a niche in the market that no other high-speed unit sorter can through its ability to sort light, round, tacky, and non-conveyable items. For more information, come and visit us during the ProMat trade show in Booth S3627, or contact Scott Eisenberg at or by calling (443) 340-5107.
EuroSort was founded in 2001 and specializes in designing and manufacturing high-speed unit sorting systems for the apparel, pharmaceutical, post and parcel, jewelry, footwear, multi-media and other e-commerce industries at a lower price and smaller footprint than our competitors. We encourage customers worldwide to challenge us with their issues, needs and projects; our engineers are up for a challenge.
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